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6 Year Old Naruto Fandom Theory Has Come True.

OBITO IS TOBI (aka Madara). Yea so is Kishimoto just taking his plot out of fan theories? I had a funny feeling ever since they revealed that the 4th Hokage was  Naruto’s dad but this pretty much confirms it. Now … Continue reading

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Naruto Ch. 540

In case you haven’t kept up with Naruto, nothing is happening except that they’ve been trying to keep Naruto in the dark for the last like 40 chapters or something. I think except for Itachi & Pain most of the … Continue reading

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Zomg NaruSaku canon confirmed?

If you went to Uniqlo and bought a Naruto Tshirt (I was too lazy) you got some free DVD thing that showed spoilers for future content of the manga!

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Naruto Ch. 515

What is the best way to elongate an already endless manga? That’s right bring back every single dead character of Naruto to life using plot no Kabuto’s magic zombie Jutsu. Scenario: Shounen Jump, “So Kishimoto-sensei, you’re slated for another year … Continue reading

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Naruto Ch. 513

So while Kabutomaru is reviving dead Akatsuki members and attacking the island where Naruto & Co. are, our hero(?) himself  is busy learning about armadillo penises. Just another week in the Naruto mangaverse.🙄

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Naruto Ch. 511

Damnit, why is it when there’s totally pairing canonization in Naruto, it happens after the character is already dead T_T I was annoyed with Sasugay before, but now Madara’s pissing me off. I haven’t been blogging anything about Naruto lately … Continue reading

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Naruto Ch. 504

Aw man, the Naruto past arc finally ends here how sad. I really liked the past with Kushina and Minato. Man all the best characters in the manga die and all the stupid ones survive *coughSaucegay*🙄

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Naruto Ch. 501

I haven’t posted anything about Naruto because it’s actually been interesting. Interesting Naruto = no reason to troll post😆 It’s like this is what we want to see! We want to see the deal with his parents, the deal with … Continue reading

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