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Zero no Tsukaima Finale – The Finale (12)

uh………. So yea I haven’t blogged this show in a while because it was just Saito getting thrown between all sorts of tits except Louise’s..but then suddenly out of nowhere big bad angry dragon shows up, destroys all the side … Continue reading

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Spring 2011 Post Season Thoughts

It’s been kinda quiet (and morbid) here lately so I guess time for some of Hinano’s babbles! ^q^ So let’s actually go down the list of shows I watched:

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Moteki – 12 (Finale)

Finally finished Moteki. I’m surprised I really liked this drama. I mean in the end, Yukio ended up with nobody because the girls he went after were wishy washy or just didn’t like the fact that he couldn’t settle on … Continue reading

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Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo – 12 (Finale)

And so this fun series has come to an end. While Haruko failed to pass everyone because I guess either she sucks at teaching or they are just a bunch of idiots (except for Jack), she instead became an English … Continue reading

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Moyashimon final thoughts

Not sure what this drama was trying to accomplish. Showing us cute 3D bacteria, grossing me the fuck out with that guy eating rotten foot and spitting rice into a bowl of sake, having nasty greasy otaku bid on a … Continue reading

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Ouran High School Host Club Ch. 83 (Finale!)

Soo Ouran manga is finally over!😀

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Natsu no koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku final thoughts

So I marathoned the rest of Natsu no Koi today (eps 2-10). I really liked the whole part about Taiga trying to become a better actor and step out of his dad’s shadow. However the whole subplot of what I … Continue reading

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Kaicho wa Maid-sama Finale

Gotta admit I think JC Staff did a good job of adapting it. At first I was kinda iffy about the whole thing but in the end it really followed the manga and I guess ended at a good place … Continue reading

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