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otakon 2012 postmortem, or; on white korras

Well, Otakon/Weebfest/Animelosercon/Homestuckcon/Adventuretimecon/Avengerscon/Anythingbutanimecon 2012 is over and I am home. Or rather, the con was over for me on Saturday afternoon when I came down with con flu and spent the rest of the weekend vomitting profusely and passed out in … Continue reading

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An appendix to why otaku are hated.

So remember this post? Well I have a little addition I’d like to talk about briefly. As you all know we were in Disneyworld, Florida this past week. One of the days of course we went to Epcot Center, and … Continue reading

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The Japanese Guide to American Otaku-speak

So while there are great guides to Japanese otaku speak, there’s no guides for the Japanese readers to the stupid things American otaku have butchered out of their language. So I decided to attempt to create one!😆 つまりこれは日本人の為にアメリカオタクの「言葉」ガイド。

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Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka – 10

And suddenly…there was DERE. (・ω・ノ)ノ

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