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otakon 2012 postmortem, or; on white korras

Well, Otakon/Weebfest/Animelosercon/Homestuckcon/Adventuretimecon/Avengerscon/Anythingbutanimecon 2012 is over and I am home. Or rather, the con was over for me on Saturday afternoon when I came down with con flu and spent the rest of the weekend vomitting profusely and passed out in … Continue reading

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the most important part of your otakon preparation

…is to peruse the personals on the Baltimore section of craigslist. otakon – m4w – 22 hey im lookigforsome fun doing otakon would love to hook up with a cute girl im young in shape black well groomed have 8 … Continue reading

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this is why you hated new york anime festival

Much of the responses I’ve heard about New York Anime Festival, both online and in person, have been quite negative. The general consensus is that it’s being marketed as a kind of separate con, but it’s more like a daycare … Continue reading

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anime-planet vs. my anime list

So for the hell of it, we started accounts at Anime-Planet. It was about one half wanting to see what it was like, along with one half being kind of wary about MyAnimeList’s reliability because of its constant query errors … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Come on guys where are all the ronery pics! Show me what you got!😆 P.S. Panty & Stocking finale was awesome. I always knew Stocking was a dirty evil whore! Sadly though I don’t actually think there will be a … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday JP!

Yea it’s his bday and I felt spamming on twitter wasn’t enough ;D ε(*’-‘)з†.*・゚☆Happyヾ(゚∇゚)ノBirthday☆゚・*.†ε(‘-‘*)з

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A Christmas gift to new & old readers

Ok ok so I know a few of you grumbled about how since the old site’s gone RenAi Blogger was forgotten and/or you never got a chance to download it. Well I decided to be generous this holiday season & … Continue reading

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