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japanese porno cartoon video game review: katawa shoujo

Hmm, how to put this… after about 20 minutes so far, i have to say that liked katawa shoujo better when it was called deus ex human revolution — parody image of che (@jpmeyer) January 27, 2012 Nah, that’s not … Continue reading

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Nobody cares about videogame rape if men are involved.

So few years ago JP wrote an article about the hubbub over Rapelay. It was some stupid eroge where the player rapes women but then gets hit by a train or stabbed to death in return (so not like justice … Continue reading

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RIP Kawakami Tomoko

Woke up to some shocked news this morning. One of my favorite female VAs has passed away at the young age of 41 due to ovarian cancer. My favorite Kawakami-san roles were Rosette from Chrno Crusade, Noelle from Tenshi ni … Continue reading

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a hot patriotic wind: re-writing history in post-colonial south korean blockbusters

Michael Robinson notes a trend in New Korean Film, especially in the wake of Shiri (Swiri, Kang Che-kyu 1998) where filmmakers were using “politically or culturally charged themes as simple plot elements or settings in their scenarios for their dramatic … Continue reading

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February Digest

Not sure what else to call it but since our blog’s been kinda dead this month I figured I’d post some random blurbs. Yumekui Merry & Infinite Stratos – No idea why I’m still watching these 2. In IS all … Continue reading

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if you think anime are repetitive, you’ve never seen a drama

So I know how everyone complains “Waaaaaaaaaah, every anime is lolipedo moeshit!”, “Waaaaaaaaaah, every anime is fanservice trash”, and so on. Those are exaggerations, of course. But dramas, on the other hand, really are all the same. Check out the … Continue reading

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Android App Update.

Well since Onemanga is gone, the Manga Reader app is pretty craptastic. I’ve stumbled upon a couple other useful otaku apps I’m going to share today.

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What I watched because my motherboard blew up: Kill Bill Vol. 1

As I mentioned in my last post, my motherboard fried (eat a cock Dell) so I’ve ordered parts to build my own computer. Until then though, I’ve spent a lot of time doing something I haven’t done in months: Watch … Continue reading

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