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Obvious announcement is obvious.

I think it goes without saying that I will no longer be updating this blog but I figured I’d make it official. Although I still watch anime (just finished episode 8 of Tokyo Ravens in fact) there’s really 0 motivation … Continue reading

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Anime Winter Season 2013 Impressions

Yes I’m trying to keep this blog from completely being covered in cobwebs.

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The fall 2012 anime season is pretty awesome.

I don’t even know who reads this deserted blog anymore but for those who do have a post! \(^o^)/ It’s been a while since I actually enjoyed more than maybe 2 shows per season but here I am Fall 2012 … Continue reading

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6 Year Old Naruto Fandom Theory Has Come True.

OBITO IS TOBI (aka Madara). Yea so is Kishimoto just taking his plot out of fan theories? I had a funny feeling ever since they revealed that the 4th Hokage was  Naruto’s dad but this pretty much confirms it. Now … Continue reading

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Arcana Famiglia RELATION chart

I don’t mean relationship I mean relation.😆 Didn’t know where else to throw this except this blog so here goes! Remember clicking on the image will possibly be spoilers so click at your own risk: Anyone not on this chart … Continue reading

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Just as expected, my Light Novel list wasn’t wrong after all.

 Terrible title intended. So remember how back in February I made this light novel post which recently made 4chan get their panties in a bunch. They said I’m fulla shit and that I’m just picking on a certain category of … Continue reading

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Arcana Famiglia Pre-Season Spoilers

Yes I am going to blatantly spoil the anime for you because I played the game so if you click read more you’re doing so at your own risk \( ^o^)/

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Otome Game to Anime Adaptations are Crap.

*clears tumbleweeds off blog* Hello! It’s been a while😆 I’ve been watching a few animes this spring but for the most part I’ve been busy plowing through my otome game backlog and my focus hasn’t really been on this blog. … Continue reading

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