After a major DDOS attack on minaidehazukashii.com, JP and Hinano thought about it very hard and realized that getting their own hosting or even a dedicated server was a waste of money and stress. Being sick and tired of poor customer service and shitty hosting they decided to combine their powers of 見ないで!恥ずかしい… and Ex-Fansubber ひとり言 to form Captain Planet 見ないで!ひとり言. Importing and trying to merge 2.5 years of entries was a task they decided wasn’t worth it so they decided to start fresh as a team and so this blog was born…

…but we did save a snapshot of the old sites. You know, for posterity’s sake.

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I blog about gay nerd shit and Naruto porn

No really, I do! On my old blog, my tag cloud would be like “boobs” “butts” “le post-modernisme” “porno cartoons” “THE CHILDREN OF MARX AND COCA-COLA”. The average post would either lulz at how bad most animus and mangos are these days or some pomobabble verbal diarrhea. These days, I post a lot less frequently than I did during my last stint at WordPress.com. It’s kind of hard, after all, to write a post like “Here is what I learned today about Zizek and how it applies to Nuhroodo.” Also, I work in TV. Does that make me an insider or something?

I used to blog episodic summaries but then I realized – why bother? It’s like I’m saying the same thing I’ve been saying all over again for the past 10 years so I’ve stopped that approach. Due to me pretty much taking a uturn back into gaming, I’ve been mostly updating my game blog. I still do watch anime, but aside from the once in a while good show, most stuff I just watch for time killing or because I like a certain male seiyuu in it. I still watch a bunch of dramas but I’m definitely not as much into this stuff as I was years ago. If you do enjoy my writing, please do stop by my game blog as it’s more frequently updated.