Anime Winter Season 2013 Impressions


Yes I’m trying to keep this blog from completely being covered in cobwebs.

Well we all know the Winter season is usually a pretty dead one but there are a few shows I decided to pick up. Only show I’m still watching from the fall season is Sakurasou Pet na Kanojo since it’s slated for 24 episodes. Now for the new stuff:

Cuticle Detective Inaba


Hinano: An anime where the lead protagonist is named after a popular rock band singer, has cat ears (even though he’s a wolf?) and is voiced by Suwabe Junichi? I’m on this boat!😆 The show kinda reminds me of Azazel-san but without all the scat jokes (which is btw a good thing.)

JP: This show is totally hit-or-miss, but I did feel that it attempts enough jokes from enough angles that at least a decent portion of them will stick. And I still don’t have the slightest idea what exactly a “cuticle detective” is supposed to be.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru!


Hinano: Well this was one of the shows that I had originally made fun of and then lol’ed when I found out it was being green lit for an anime. I saw 1 episode of no-pan queen and I guess it was kinda funny? If it can be more like Onizen and less like Who is Imouto, then I’ll keep watching.

JP: As expected my little novel can’t be this light and all the girls want to screw me but it’s okay that I don’t want to because I’m a light novel protagonist. We can abbreviate that as “AsSPro”. I am not at all high on this show and have zero expectations for it, and it’s honestly damning it with faint praise for saying “Well at least it wasn’t as horrid as OniAi or NakaImo or whatever”.



Uguu cage of love

Hinano: I don’t know what people are complaining about the heroine not speaking much. She already speaks 90% more than she ever did in the game!😆 I noticed in the credits one of the images for Kent was from Amnesia Later….are they gonna cover the story from that as well or only the original game? Hmm. Oh well for those who haven’t you can read the reviews of both games on my other blog.

JP: Help, I have a confession. I just realized that I have lots of ~feels~ for ~uguu cages of love~! But that’s bad because it’s ~problematic~ to like that! Help me, tumblr!

Also, as I joked on Twitter:





Hinano: The above GIF is exactly why I didn’t watch this ror.

JP: This show is not remotely as retarded as it looks from all the gifs, but not remotely as smart as it thinks that it is.  I was expecting I dunno, like High School DxD or something or a third rate Queen’s Blade.  Or perhaps a Record of Lodoss War, complete with thunder thighs.  Instead, I’d say that it’s best summed up by how it has a very dodgy understanding of how a Keynesian stimulus is supposed to work: I’ve gotta give it props for at least trying to make a joke about Japanese pacifism (and not one that is just about how we need to finish what we started with those fucking chinks and gooks), but seriously guys you’d be better off with an infrastructure program than a war if you want to help the economy.

Also seriously, with all the different character designs that exist for this franchise they picked those ones?

Da Capo III: Beyond Thunderdome


Hinano: The above GIF is exactly why I didn’t watch this ror.

JP: The above GIF is exactly why I did watch this.  Not because I wanted to watch a titshow, but because I saw plenty of gifs going around similar to this one and thought “Wait, how in the world is this in Da Capo?  That series is supposed to be about Twue Wuv Wif Mai Kawaii Desu Rori Imouto-chan Uguu, not nonstop gigantic tits everywhere.”  But welp, turns out it really was about nonstop gigantic tits everywhere!

Tamako Market


Hinano: I had no idea what to expect from this show because the promo just looked like someone outta K-On with a chicken and mochi everywhere. Turns out it’s like a less crazy Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai. The feeling is the same, you got 2 childhood friends but instead of them flying through different worlds, all the entertainment is done by a chicken parrot whose last name sounds like “Mochi is nasty”😆. Either way I really enjoyed the first episode and will definitely be watching it for the rest of the season.

JP: I really liked this show too.  I wish I could articulate this better, but the show is a good example of how to do the “cute girls doing cute things” genre without making the show creepy or infantilizing.  I also liked how the show is (uh oh, it’s that phrase!) slice of life while still making the show rooted in time and space in a way that made the events in the episode feel unique enough to be entertaining and interesting.



Hinano: Added this in last minute. I’m extremely surprised by how much I enjoyed this show. The character designs made me dismiss it as some pointless slice of life show but when I saw it myself it was a lot more serious than I actually expected. I enjoyed it quite a lot and now I’m curious to see what they will do with the premise. (That & the lead guy is a major イケメン.)

We’re pretty much skipping any other winter shows since they’re not really of interest to either of us (though I think JP watched MANGIRL which isn’t about men or crossdressers but about mangakas.) Hope everyone is enjoying the small offerings the winter season has brought us so far!

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9 Responses to Anime Winter Season 2013 Impressions

  1. omo says:

    nooooo not that phraassee

    so far i’m with you mostly, although i’m not sure if i can stand Amnesia. like, it’s better than oniai i guess.

    good call on the abenobashi comparison btw, it all makes sense. although i don’t quite feel it until they start traveling in time.

    • Hinano says:

      well I doubt we’ll see munemune and fakking cowboy ANDO GA-RU but I think it’ll still be a fun show.
      Amnesia has a great overall mystery plot but you don’t see it until you really get into the thick of the game. At first it’s like “lol deadfish confused Mary Sue”😆 Hopefully Brains Base will do it as well as they did Penguindrum

  2. akon says:

    New layout..woot!
    Kotoura-san hooked me too! Almost dismissed it but ended up giving it a try. Glad I did:)

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    CDI – I actually vote for the goat. Waiting for more jokes. No one will get his goat! -bad joke-

    TM – Need Kentucky Fried Cockatoo. Or it can be made into “Slices of Live Bird”. This studio’s supposed talents are being wasted. Make a new Di Gi Charat (original-nyo) and perhaps there will be consideration.

    Now download faster mondai!

  4. Abikun says:

    What a crappy season this is, the only thing that really got me excited was second season of Chihayafuru and it was actually a mild disappointment so far.

  5. Mushyrulez says:

    No Chihayafuru or Senyuu?😦

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