The fall 2012 anime season is pretty awesome.

I don’t even know who reads this deserted blog anymore but for those who do have a post! \(^o^)/

It’s been a while since I actually enjoyed more than maybe 2 shows per season but here I am Fall 2012 and I find myself watching 5 series!

And no I’m not watching the 2nd season of this abomination.

Chuunibyou demo Koi Ga Shitai!

This anime is awesome because it makes fun of itself. Most shit recently has been so Garu-Stu (*coughSword Fart online) and this show pretty much says “lol grow up child.” The show is about a guy who acted like Lelouch in middle school but he matured and wants to put all that behind him. Unfortunately he runs into a girl with big thighs and tiny feet who’s brain is still stuck in her childish delusions. I normally ship the main guy with the main girl but I really can’t stand Rikka’s stupidity. I actually prefer that brown haired classmate girl but I know she’s gonna lose ( ;∀;).

Kamisama Hajimemashita

From the producer of Kodomo no Omocha and Fruits Basket this is the ultimate anime for old fags and shoujo fans yeaa! And you can totally feel all the Kodocha/Furuba vibes if you watch this show. The fox dude is also voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke who is pretty damn good with that dummy head mic in Otome games (;´Д`)ハァハァ. Romance Comedy & Shoujo at its best!

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

NUKOS! NUKOS EVERYWHERE. Okay so it’s a bit deeper than say, Nyankoi. It’s about a protagonist who loves cats and to be able to live with his nuko Hikari, he moves into a dorm fulla extremely gifted wackos. On top of that more cats join in so until he finds homes for all of them, he can’t move back to the main dorm. On top of this, the dorm leader asks him to take care of a famous artist who’s a lazy bum that can’t even dress herself. Probably because she’s a famous artist and was rich enough to get butlers and the like to take care of her. Despite drawing beautiful paintings, she suddenly has the urge to draw BL manga so she came to Japan😆. The relationships between other dorm characters are really interesting too and I’m enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would. If you brushed it off thinking it’s a dumb fanservice harem anime, I recommend watching the first 3 episodes.

Sukitte ii na yo

Another shoujo anime but it’s a little more dark than your usual fluffy romance. The guy’s a total douche in the past but he’s fallen for the lone wolf heroine because she kicked him in the face😆 So now he’s become do-M hoihoi for her and he wants to make her his though due to the unstable nature of the heroine she falls for him immediately. Something seems rather fishy to me so I’m dying to see what happens. Seems like the hero, Yamato was a huge manwhore and now his past is catching up to him.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Well this seems to have caused a brewhaha in the blogosphere because of the word “rape” being used lightly. Meh I’ve already said what I want to say and frankly I’ve seen worse so it doesn’t bother me. We got politicians saying that “rape baby is a gift from god” so I think honestly your anger should be taken that way instead. Otherwise I find the show endearing and it almost feels like the heroine’s trying to tame this rifraf while he grapples with his feelings of friendship vs love. In the meantime the gariben heroine is starting to see that there’s life beyond the textbook. Another shoujo anime I’m enjoying this season.


I dropped Little Busters after 2 episodes because Komari’s voice, and the lead male’s voice grated my ears. Yes I know the lead male is Horie Yui but she’s not someone that can do decent male voices sorry Hocchan. K was pretty fucking gay (lawl) and Oniai was just terribad the moment 3 random girls started living in his house with no explanation. Magi was pretty ホモォ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ as well and episode 1 was too balls for me to continue (along with the fact that every woman in that show is a slave of some sort.)  I ended up dropping Shirokuma Cafe at ep 26 cause while it was fun at first I guess I just got bored of keeping up with more of the same. Hope everyone else is enjoying the fall season!

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23 Responses to The fall 2012 anime season is pretty awesome.

  1. omo says:

    3 straight up shoujo animu, yeah, pass for me but good for you.

    almost surprised that you liked the nukos anime.

    • Hinano says:

      its about time we got some decent straight up shoujo anime. i feel like lately we’ve been drowning in light novels and imoutos

  2. akon says:

    Hey, I still read this! Every time a post pops up on my RSS, it’s like a little present:)
    Definitely digging this season! I am actually very behind though, so I’m gonna have to catch up on some of the ones you mentioned. But they sound straight up my alley…yay!

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Strangely, I am really watching none. >_>
    Okay, I lie, but Hayate etc2: I can really take my eyes of it is not doing well. As someone said somewhere no KOTOKO = no good.

  4. Lau says:

    Thanks for your post !
    “no I’m not watching the 2nd season of this abomination.” made me laugh ! AHAH. I watched some parts of the first season and that was like… shit.

    I’m not interested in anime anymore recently, and I my friends are mostly talking about fucking harem anime or else, SO that’s kinda refreshing reading your post, please continue.

    (Sorry for broken english, well)

    • Hinano says:

      DEEN turns everything into shit so nothing new there. Their otome game animation department is especially poo. I’m not really as into anime as I was back then since I’m busy with otome games these days.

  5. Gloria Weber says:

    Wait! OMG! You put up a new blog and they made “Sukitte ii na yo” into an anime? Today has become officially awesome. I was reading “Sukitte ii na yo” (the manga is full of lots of sex talk), but haven’t lately just due to full schedule. (Damn you life!) Will have to fix that.

  6. The Kenosha Kid says:

    Weirdly enough, even though I find Shin Sekai Yori and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure a good deal more compelling (at least in theory) than any of the shows you mentioned, I find I have a much easier time convincing myself to watch the shoujo. I think it’s just something that works better on a week-to-week basis or something. Shows about relationships go well with that sort of familiarity or something?

    Or maybe I’m just a teenage girl at heart. That’s fine too.

  7. Ashley says:

    I still read this blog too! These season has been awesome so far. But crunchy roll is not showing Sukitte ii na yo, at least, from what my non-japanese speaking ability is able to tell. Oh well, MOAR tomoe! (*´▽`*)

  8. Vera says:

    I read this from time to time, in any case I love your season beginning reviews, and the year end ones. So those at least are “safe”😛

    Totally agree that this season has a lot of fun stuff. I’m watching:
    K – love the art, though the story is still extremely confusing to me. Oh and I like Angela’s songs.:)

    Magi – the first episode was bad indeed. I actually watched the first three at once and… um… well taken together they didn’t suck… very much.

    Sukitte Ii na yo – this is NICE😀 Kind of like what I wish Kimi ni Todoke had been like (by the end of the first series I was ready to strangle both Sawako and Shota).

    Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – I’m soooo rooting for Shizuku. Love the two together.😀

    Zetsuen no Tempest – I really LOVE this one, and can’t wait for the next episode. How come neither of you is watching this?😮

    Have yet to check out:
    – Shinsekai Yori
    – Psycho Pass
    – Kami-sama Hajimemashita

    Dropped Robotics;Note 1 minute in… not entirely sure why, but I just couldn’t get through it.

    • Hinano says:

      kamisama I mentioned in my post lol
      psycho pass is not for me and I didn’t bother with shinsekai yori as the storyline didn’t seem up my alley. I guess i just wanna watch me some good ol’ romance? lol

  9. MamaSDungBeetle says:

    More unoriginal anime ideas… Some seem interesting but not fresh. Also dunno if I should try Kamisama Hajimemashita since the anime adaptations of Fruits Basket and Kodocha were both fail… Personally I think that Akihiro Daichi can’t direct.

  10. MamaSDungBeetle says:

    Not asking for help! Just a statement. It’s just that when I run into good anime for once it’s either too short or unpopular. Most of the popular stuff that come out nowadays is generic. Sorry if I sounded rude or anything! I just like to speak my mind.

  11. CC says:

    WHAT?! Not ONE decent shoujo anime but THREE?! Am I dreaming?!

    Even though I’m in my 20s, as an anime fan I feel so OLD. I haven’t watched anything in 3 years (or more?) or even kept up with the anime world (have no idea what’s been happening or premiering). Since we stopped getting any decent shoujo anime, my attention completely went to Asian Dramas.

    What dramas are you watching Hinano?

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