6 Year Old Naruto Fandom Theory Has Come True.

OBITO IS TOBI (aka Madara).

Yea so is Kishimoto just taking his plot out of fan theories? I had a funny feeling ever since they revealed that the 4th Hokage was  Naruto’s dad but this pretty much confirms it.

Now all we need is for TenTen to be the  last boss.😆

(Yes I’m still reading Naruto and rolling my eyes but this just takes the cake.)

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2 Responses to 6 Year Old Naruto Fandom Theory Has Come True.

  1. Mushyrulez says:

    because the name totally didn’t give it away

    y’know I just imagine these long-running mangaka intentionally coming up with as many of those ‘coincidences’ (e.g. obito-tobi) as possible, waiting for the fanbase to see which is the most popular, and then going with one and saying that the others were mere unintentional coincidences

    • Hinano says:

      of course it did but it was one of those “aw come on this is TOO obvious he isn’t REALLY gonna do this right?” sigh I guess my expectations were too high

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