Just as expected, my Light Novel list wasn’t wrong after all.

I don’t have many friends.

 Terrible title intended. So remember how back in February I made this light novel post which recently made 4chan get their panties in a bunch. They said I’m fulla shit and that I’m just picking on a certain category of crappy light novels. Well ever since that post, MULTIPLE series that I have mentioned have actually been adapted or WILL be adapted into anime. Let’s forget Haganai, OreImo, & Onizen since they were airing/had aired  when I first wrote that post. Let’s take a look at what hadn’t aired when I wrote it shall we?

Who is “IMOUTO”!? (There is a little sister among us)

This is why I can’t have sex.

I love my older brother but as long as we have our love its ok right?

My youth romantic comedy is wrong as expected (no anime site yet)

Oops Omo informed me I missed one!

My girlfriend & childhood friend are too violent.

So anyway if my post wasn’t like some kind of Nostradamus prophecy of anime adaptation I don’t know what is. Personally, I can’t wait till THIS gets green lit for an anime. After all it has some pretty high Amazon reviews.😆 In other news, I actually found BokuH rather entertaining and mostly because I get to hear Shimono Hiro scream out perverted things again instead of voice some angry shota in otome games.

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14 Responses to Just as expected, my Light Novel list wasn’t wrong after all.

  1. Jowlow says:

    Looks like we\’re the same! I posted on /a/ that Dakara must have an anime. They just told me it\’s impossible, but look who\’s laughing now! Haha!
    ANYWAYS, I\’m surprised the last one got anime. I mean Shogakukan\’s gagaga bunko isn\’t that popular in japan just like Super Dash… For me, I want Hentai ouji and Omae Otaku Raijuu to be animated! You also forgot Date a live… It\’s good that the LN\’s are taking over the anime market.

  2. Totali says:

    So predictabole! The LN themes are…!

  3. ToastCrust says:

    Japan for most classy taste.

  4. Gyrobot says:

    You blew it Japan, the LN industry could have been a haven for aspiring mecha anime scripts but instead. It is degraded to serving to eroge artists looking for their big break.

  5. micchan says:

    The thing I don’t get, is why bother animating those things if the fans don’t get what they want i.e. fapping ammo? I mean, theres fanservice shots and stuff but that totally softcore, unless the little sister has a seiyuu very talented with her “oniichan <3" I dunno what good it does them. Unless you're a total fan of the novel and just go ZOMG!!!!111 at any form it wears (kinda like me with FMA. I would totally watch another series, and buy the wall scrolls and bed sheets too.)

    Also, you know what else was predictible? The Mass Effect lame slidshow DLC. What the hell it has to do with anything? JACK SQUAT! But I just finished it and urghhhhh.

    • jpmeyer says:

      lol, I downloaded that new ending but I still haven’t brought myself to watch it.

    • micchan says:

      Be afrai-well actually no, just bring your reading glasses. And, you know, make sure you have no regrets to keep you from crossing over.

  6. Jowlow says:

    Oh my fucking god…. After my mindless rants in /a/… Hentai ouji got an anime…. ALL MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!!!!!!
    Iris zero(not a novel) is coming next!!!!! I know it, I just know it!!!!!!!!!

    and Omae o otaku!!!!! I’m counting on youu!!!!!!

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