So JP and I are always rolling our eyes whenever we see some light novel title posted and just for kicks & giggles I decided to go on Amazon Japan and search for the following keywords: Boku no, Oniichan and Imouto. Let’s see what we get!

My girlfriend & childhood friend are too violent

And for kicks & giggles I’m translating all the titles.

I only want to lick you!

Just as I thought there's a mistake in my youthful love comedy.

My little sister can't be such a stupid bitch! this cute! (oops)

I haven't fallen in love yet

Me and that girl are leading the student council like a hero & a dark lord

Me and the girl and the girl's secret (or the ghost's secret god damnit)

I'm so popular with the ladies I can save the world (tears)

I don't have many friends.

This is why I can't have sex. My life long pledge with the grim reaper. (this is getting turned into an anime ...)

Me and this wonderfully unfortunate and happy world.

We're being watched

Me and my girlfriend's war games

There's a sister among us!

I love my older brother but as long as we have our love its ok right?

It seems like my girlfriend was an aspiring voice actress

A sister's virgin lips are only for her brother!

It's not like I Love my brother at all!!

My sister has begun employment at the super sentai force

By the way my sister is a zombie!

When that girl hits on me my sister gets mad?

My sister can read kanji

Am I not allowed to play footsies with my sister?

Why my tsuntsun koakuma sister became dere before becoming my waifu (somebody shoot me)

Obviously there was more but after the above title that’s all my brain could takie (;ಥ;ω;ಥ; ) Needless to say all this shit is THE SAAAAAME why does it get turned into anime. Well on the good side is at least more otome games are being turned into anime to combat all this loser guy + his sister + his school club mediocrity shit.🙄

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  1. ToastCrust says:

    That last one is amazing.

  2. Nazarielle says:

    Haha, I just recently saw a ridiculous & long title while I was browsing pixiv. Ah, here we go: 俺のリアルとネトゲがラブコメに侵蝕され始めてヤバイ

    Good to know we’ll never run out of LN material for animus :p

  3. Hinano says:

    Toast> It sure is.

    Naza> I think I heard of that one lmfao!😆

  4. jennifu says:

    Is it terrible that I think “My sister has begun employment at the super sentai force” sounds kind of AWESOME?

  5. Vucub Caquix says:

    Man, these are all fantastic (terrible)!

  6. jpmeyer says:


    Don’t confuse that with おまえをオタクにしてやるから、俺をリア充にしてくれ! lololololol oh gawd kill me now

  7. omo says:

    I’ve heard of like a third of these.

    I need a new hobby.

    Also, i guess this is how all those trashy bishoujo illustrators make a living besides doing doujinshi.

    • Hinano says:

      omo> the only ones I knew were oreimo, onizen and the H dekinai because 2ch went wild about it when it was announced to be turned into an anime😆

  8. omo says: is another list of these, although your list brings home the point much more…precisely

  9. Di Gi Kazune says:

    “—A sister’s virgin lips are only for her brother!”

    The possibilities…

  10. Zoda says:

    WTF is this about ?

  11. Hinano says:

    Beats me, I couldn’t be bothered to read the plots of any of this crap😆

  12. Liberator says:

    This does bring into question on how the editing and selection process on the publishing houses that release these stuff. But being classified as light novel, I think bizzare titles like these are to be expected.

  13. dbc says:

    “I love my older brother but as long as we have our love its ok right?” … Urk! And here my models of Japanese light novels were “Twelve Kingdoms”, “Crest of the Stars”, “Spice & Wolf” and “Suzumiya Haruhi”. Is this deluge of dreck recent, or have they always been this dreadful?

    (“We’re being watched” could be OK.)

  14. cucuc says:

    As far as I know, this idea of long-winded names may have originated with yaoi. It becomes a trend in the male-oriented light novel domain with “My little sister can’t be that cute”. Yes, OreImo really is the trendsetter / tropestarter here.

    Thinking on the bright side, the trend means this type of light novels (and some visual novels and manga) would no longer be given cryptic names, or even worse, names that are poetic and deceptive.

    • jpmeyer says:


      Ironically, those long-winded names are often deceptive. We looked at the reviews on Amazon Japan for a bunch of these novels (to confirm our suspicions about how shitty these books appeared to be), and the reviewers frequently pointed out that the books often had nothing to do with the titles. Like, “This book has nothing to do with little sisters and whatnot and is just a shitty combination of chuunibyou fantasies, otaku memes, half-assed Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures references, and harem crap.”

  15. Yumeka says:

    Wow, these are pretty unbelievable. Some anime I really like are based on light novels, like Haruhi, Toradora!, and Shana, but I’m glad they’re, shall I say, “higher class” than these light novels😄 Well, I like OreImo too but I can see how it can be grouped with these. I tend to avoid anime adaptations of light novels with titles like these – so most of the ones I’m familiar with are titles like Spice & Wolf, Bake/Nisemonogatari, and the To Aru series. At least the majority of these titles make it easy to tell what these series are like and that I should avoid them😄

  16. Sorrow-kun says:

    In before all of them get turned into anime.

  17. daijoubu says:

    “My Dango can’t be this delicious” “My sister loves the dango daikazoku so she became my waifu” “”My sister and her dango pillow.”

  18. dbm says:

    “Could it be that, between my little sister, my other little sister, and my other other little sister, one is just right for me?”

  19. Mushyrulez says:

    I gave up reading this list after the tenth one…

    Right now, I can’t even mock light novels anymore. It’s like trying to call shit shit. You go to the toilet, look at your shit, and say, “Hey, shit, you’re shit!” Yeah, that’s pretty stupid.

  20. Bastille says:

    What about this one?
    せんせいは何故女子中学生にちんちんをぶちこみ続けるのか -> Why Does the Teacher Keep Driving His Dick into Middle School Girls?

  21. Bastille says:

    It won an award too! While giving it the award, they did note the title was misleading compared to the actual content of the LN but still…

  22. How can you be so patient ?? It was painful to read, really.

    Thanks for reminding me of the fundamental truth about anime culture.

  23. Dick jones says:

    ‘Why does the teacher keep graphically noncing his grade school student’………no wait that’s Higurashi sequel Higabana.

  24. bluemist says:

    And they said moe is killing subcultures.

  25. kakoishii says:

    though this posting is old news now, dare I ask why a brother and sister being in love with each other is such a big fetish in stuff like this? The whole idea just makes my skin crawl…

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  27. omo says:

    「お兄ちゃんだけど愛さえあれば関係ないよねっ」anime adaptation is greenlit!

  28. Hinano says:

    this is why we can’t have nice things.

  29. Di Gi Kazune says:



    Can we have this: Would the little sisters with a brocon either 1) just seduce their elder brother, run off and elope somewhere or 2) just forget it. I think I can write a thesis for a PhD regarding ‘The fascination Japan has with “little sister loving their elder brother in a not so sibling way but rather in a deeper emotional and physical relationship” fetish and the implications it has that challenges the old-fashioned moralfags’ given all this sis/brocon flying out there. Except it would hurt my head so much.

    I still cannot comprehend how I started out on the ultra-right conservative faction and now have ended up smack in the liberal camp espousing virtues that even liberals would shudder at.

  30. math4origami says:

    it’s popular probably exactly because it’s taboo. ever wanted to do something more when told not to do it?

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