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what i was (not) forced to watch this week #29: turn a gundam

Whew, finally made it through Turn A Gundam. Unlike Gundam X, this wasn’t because I could barely force myself through it, but simply because I mean c’mon, 50 episodes is a lot to watch!

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this is why you hated new york anime festival

Much of the responses I’ve heard about New York Anime Festival, both online and in person, have been quite negative. The general consensus is that it’s being marketed as a kind of separate con, but it’s more like a daycare … Continue reading

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Kimi to Boku is Gender-Reversed Moeblob Anime

You know I was kinda pumped because finally we were getting a show about BOYS doing BOY things. Oh wait. This isn’t it. This is boys doing GIRL things. I always hated those stupid shows like Lucky Star and K-On … Continue reading

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