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what i was (not) forced to watch this week #19: tri-zenon

The whole original point of this series was that Hinano had burned a whole crapload of anime onto spindle after spindle of CDs and DVDs back in the day. There were two different reasons for this: first, for way back … Continue reading

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Well F**king finally!

Took you 57 chapters Misaki but I’m glad you finally pooped out those constipated words from your mouth! \( ^o^)/ I LOL at the whole “can you be my girlfriend” crap though. Honestly, in my mind (and everyone else’s in … Continue reading

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February Digest

Not sure what else to call it but since our blog’s been kinda dead this month I figured I’d post some random blurbs. Yumekui Merry & Infinite Stratos – No idea why I’m still watching these 2. In IS all … Continue reading

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Why is everyone raving about Kimi ni Todoke??

Okay so I admit I sat through the first season but after 2 episodes of season 2 I came to the realization that the entire show is this: THIS IS THE ENTIRE SHOW. THEY WILL NEVER GET TOGETHER. THEY WILL … Continue reading

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Starry Sky – 07

Maybe I’m having a brain fart here but… Did Kazuki and Tsukiko meet as lolis and shotas? Why don’t I remember this :V D’aww this  was cute. I feel like THIS happened but I don’t remember the other ugh. It’s … Continue reading

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