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if you think anime are repetitive, you’ve never seen a drama

So I know how everyone complains “Waaaaaaaaaah, every anime is lolipedo moeshit!”, “Waaaaaaaaaah, every anime is fanservice trash”, and so on. Those are exaggerations, of course. But dramas, on the other hand, really are all the same. Check out the … Continue reading

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Starry Sky – 06

God this was one of the worst episodes ever. It was not only about Tsukiko randomly emoing about something or other but then they wasted time with flashbacks to Yoh’s episode SIGH.  Starry Sky in Spring just cannot redeem itself. … Continue reading

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Starry Sky – 05

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The Classics Never Die

Obvious Merry x Yumeji shipping here is the only reason I am watching this show.

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Starry Sky – 04

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I wasn’t gonna post any winter season impressions but…

I have to post about this Zombie show. See first half of the show I’m thinking yea some stupid mahou shoujo parody with some stupid non talking loli and some stupid high school kid who has to remind us every … Continue reading

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Starry Sky – 03

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Zomg NaruSaku canon confirmed?

If you went to Uniqlo and bought a Naruto Tshirt (I was too lazy) you got some free DVD thing that showed spoilers for future content of the manga!

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