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Naruto Ch. 504

Aw man, the Naruto past arc finally ends here how sad. I really liked the past with Kushina and Minato. Man all the best characters in the manga die and all the stupid ones survive *coughSaucegay*🙄

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Manga Review: Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!

So one day Shinjo Mayu decided “what if I just draw a manga like I usually do but then I claim all my men are actually women, and then throw in a girl whos really a trap! WIN!” So this … Continue reading

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Manga Review: S+M – Shingo + Masaki

Jp always joked around how I call any woman with big breasts a whore – but in the case of S+M this sadly is actually the truth. She likes one guy, who already has a girlfriend. He rejects her telling … Continue reading

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Manga Review: Inu Neko Jump

This is probably the last series I’ll be reading from onemanga before it goes down this week. I only checked out this series because it was completed and by the maker of Umisho, an anime I thought was funny. However, … Continue reading

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Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo – 02

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what i was (not) forced to watch this week #10: record of lodoss war

I want to be both nice to Record of Lodoss War, along with being not-so-nice to it.

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There needs to be a digital approach to this.

You know how we have the simulcast thing on Crunchy roll? There needs to be a manga version of that. If there already is, (and I’m not talking about Amazon’s E-reader garbage) someone point me to it.

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Android Otaku Apps

Okay so I don’t really know wtf to call apps targeted towards anime/manga/Japanese culture fans other than otaku but let’s just roll with it😆

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