Japan April Fool’s Roundup

This isn’t a comprehensive list or anything, but more like my list of the sites I visit or ones that I found that happen to be participating. So let’s start the fooling!

NicoNico Douga goes monochrome.

Pixiv lost an I

Pangya Japan is celebrating its 5th anniversary by giving everyone white plates

Ragnarok Online Japan is rocking it out

Gizmodo Japan is sideways lolol

Otome game maker Icing Candy is releasing a gachimuchi C's magazine with a feature on how to make "boss dinner"

Otome game maker Amedeo makes a "futome" game, where all the eligible bishies...are actually fatties.

Otome game maker Sanctuary releases the furry version of Da Capo Girls' Symphony

Nitro+ releases a series of manequinns for cougars to 'play' with

Piapro has announced that Kasane Teto has become an official vocaloid.

Google Japan started a global shiritori service

Tsuburaya creates Tsubutta - a twitter service for Ultraman and his crew lol.

IREM Software makes a goofy game called "Seminalist Fantasia". Notice the long noses on everyone... xD

Someone made a lie twitter - a twitter for tweeting your lies on April Fool's day.

Geo Online made a section of their store dedicated to fujoshi.

A gachimuchi maid cafe opened up in Hiroshima😆

Japanese Opera browser page instead promotes boobies.

Caramel Box is releasing the movie for Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ww

FujiTV looks like google

Yahoo Japan is going 3D

Engan Bus service is now using a trap as its mascot

Xbox has a list of eligible bachelor/ettes for you to marry including the original Xbox, Bayonetta and Kasumi from Dead or Alive series

If the iTampon wasn't good enough for you, there's now a Plus version IPadL

The new DorarDVD player lets you watch movies in 4D. Just look at the difference...wait where have I...

There were a few others and you can find them over at Canned Dogs. Obviously there were more parodies than I listed but I figured ones that were not really interesting/unknown weren’t worth mentioning.

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8 Responses to Japan April Fool’s Roundup

  1. Kiseki says:

    I kind of want to go to that maid cafe yet not…

    It’s a shame the author of Hetalia didn’t do anything big (yet) this year. He had characters take over the site before, but he only upped a new comic of Italy in drag (so far) this year.

  2. Ana says:

    Thanks for the round up! I just love the crazy stuff that happens on the web for April Fool’s.

  3. nazarielle says:

    Just what we need, more Da Capo

    omg GoogleShiritori would be hilarious

    oh god the last one hahaha

  4. Kiseki says:

    Um, Hinano, Oushirou has a harem

  5. Hinano says:

    Kiseki> OMG XDD There’s like multiple Homare senpai ladies!!!😆

  6. Kiseki says:

    How are their names supposed to be read? :’D

  7. Hinano says:

    i dont know i can’t read the kanji other than the last name T_T

  8. Shalala says:

    Hinano please say you where telling the truth about otome wa boku ni koishiteru having a movie being made.

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