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on genre as a process

The genre as a concept arises from the accrual of texts and conventions. This includes texts and conventions both within a specific genre and texts and conventions in otherwise unrelated genres. The addition, transformation, variation, alteration, and/or reproduction of these … Continue reading

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Japan April Fool’s Roundup

This isn’t a comprehensive list or anything, but more like my list of the sites I visit or ones that I found that happen to be participating. So let’s start the fooling!

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King of Eden gets Lost in Paradise.

This is a post about the 2 Higashi no Eden movies since I finally saw the first one and as you all know I saw the 2nd one in Japan. I figured some friends/readers might want to know what happens … Continue reading

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what i was forced to watch this week #69: mahou sensei negima


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Naruto Ch. 488

You know hell has froze over when TenTen has a line of dialogue😆

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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Final Thoughts

You know when I first saw this drama I was like wtf is going on. I then decided to backlog it after ep 3 and so I pretty much marathoned from 4-10 and I really ended up liking it. The … Continue reading

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Japan leftover goodies close-up

Came back to NYC today and was reminded how much I miss the super clean Japanese subway stations vs the dirty full of piss stank in the NY ones. Also missed how everyone was neatly organized while here all these … Continue reading

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Japan Day 7

Today basically concludes our trip. Tomorrow we’re just packing our bags and heading to the airport. Today’s feature includes Yokohama and the rage that accompanies it.

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