Hanasakeru Seishounen – 38

Goodbye Mustafa

Goodbye Mustafa

Yea I know it’s been ages since I posted anything on this show but next week is the last episode so may as well right??

  • Mahaty is on his deathbed and he wishes to see Kajika, her step-grandpa and her father. Rumaty finds out that Kajika is his cousin and is pretty shocked but accepts it.
  • Kajika throws away the Burnsworth name and decides she will on her own try to get Li Ren back. Toranosuke follows her on his own free well like a little puppy and Mustafagene helps her with the financial side of things because…he’s like her loyal leopard😆
  • Li Ren’s been emoing the last 4 episodes, it’s really annoying. But I think he’s finally gonna do something about the fact that he’s being forced to take over the Fang dynasty. (and this is all thanks to Carl telling him to stop being an emofag.)

So yea next week looks like Kajika & Li Ren finally get together and run to each other in sparkles & shit. xD I’ll be sure to have some finale impressions and cheesy screencaps.

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