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what i was forced to watch this week #34: detective loki ragnarok

Now, I understand that everyone reads shounen manga magazines. They’re supposed to be for teenage boys, but they have the broadest demographic appeal of the different types of manga magazines. I get that. What I don’t get are the series … Continue reading

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Pandora Hearts ends – a tumbleweed rolls by.

I guess I don’t really blame anyone other than myself for watching this show. I really love this kind of art style and I studied it a lot when watching this anime. I was like “wow I really wanna draw … Continue reading

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Valkyria Chronicles – 26 (Finale)


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NYAF Day 2 – MMOs and B.O.

Alright so here’s day 2. Actually it wasn’t much of a day 2. I spent all morning playing Pangya until we met up with Omo & Co. at Terakawa Ramen for lunch. It was really crowded to the point where … Continue reading

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NYAF 2009 Day 1 – AMV Contest Adventures

Actually it wasn’t much of a day but rather a night. I only came to the con around 7:30 to catch the amv contest since I mentioned that my video made it into the contest. I missed most of the … Continue reading

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Naruto Ch. 465

It’s been a while so why not. I like how Sasuke’s like “forget Juugo and Suigetsu” and takes only Karin with him. Eat your hearts out yaoi fangirls.😈

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Requiem for Phantom – 26 (Finale)

So yay the good guys win, Ellen kills Scythemaster and she and Reiji leave Japan and go to Hong Kong. They then try asking people there about Scythemaster to try to figure out Ellen’s past. They end up in Mongolia … Continue reading

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Buzzer Beat – 11 (Finale)

Okay. I’m glad Natsuki got dumped for good. I’m glad Naoki wins the game. I’m glad he gets his buzzer beat. I’m glad he gets the girl. However what the fuck happened to Riko’s dream about being a violinist?? She … Continue reading

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