No, I don’t need your protection.

You're fired!

Take your horse and go back where you came from. (Image from Butlers: Meshiagare Ojousama game)

I’m so freaking sick of every anime, game and god knows what else to come out of Japan have 1 theme in common: I WILL PROTECT YOU. I being a male, you being a female. Even of the female is a strong character, some fag will come along and suddenly she turns into this dependent helpless idiot.

Yea I know you’re probably thinking “wow did you just crawl out from under a rock” but no. It’s something I’ve had on my mind for my entire 10 year tennure of watching anime. Back when I first got into anime it was like this whole new world with magic carpets and genies. You start to think, “Wow look at all these hot bishies who are willing to face tentacle monsters to protect the girl! All the douchebags in my school would rather get drunk and smoke pot than give a damn about any female!” So needless to say this whole “dependable guy who will protect and do anything for the female” was a pretty awesome concept. Shoujo anime aside, even personas like Keitaro from Love Hina were somewhat admirable. You have to admit despite all the abuse he got from Naru, he still treated her like a queen.

But well now, it’s been some time and I’ve gotten to experience many anime, and many shows. I’ve seen every stereotype there is for female and male characters, and in the end the dependency complex is still there. No matter how weak or pansy the guy is, the female will never be stronger than him. She may seem like she’s got guts and power, but it’s only a matter of time before some other bishie comes along and pretty much strikes it out like a bowling ball.

One recent example I could think of was Kyoko from Skip Beat. I was really pumped about it at first cause she seemed like a strong character, but in the end she’s destined to fall for the jerk (who gets nicer supposedly later on but I didn’t have the patience to sit through it). Another was Elie from Rave, who could kick ass for a while, but then she got all amnseiaey and helpless and well in the end Haru’s “protecting” her from Lucia anyway.

There’s this annoying stereotype image of women in Japan which will never give them the opportunity to wear the pants, AND still be attractive to men. From the stereotypes I’ve seen, any female who has “manly” traits ends up being that character who all the more feminine females seem to get attracted to (i.e yuri.) She will be “popular” with the girls because she’s very “kakkoii” and all the guys will just see her as their “buddy”. This is all because she just happens to be a little bit taller than most females, suddenly that makes her “manlier” than the entire female population of Japan.

The other annoying image is the rich and powerful salaryWOMAN. That’s right, a woman who is in a high position, or at least in a job other than some dumb OL who is only working to find a husband at her company. She’s seen as a threat to any average Japanese man cause she makes his dick feel smaller by earning more money than he does. This is why these kinds of women end up only having boyfriends/jigolos/buddies at the host club. They will probably not get married and have a family – because after all a family would force her to throw her career down the shitter and be a stupid brainless housewife.

This entire concept really came to light when I was playing some otome games recently. There’s a Starry Sky series, which is basically like a dramaCD/otome game series featuring “zodiac boyfriends”. This way you can buy the CD based on their zodiac sign so it is compatible with your sign. Anyway I listened to the CDs of Souichiro Houshi and Daisuke Ono. I can’t even count how many times I heard “boku ga kimi wo mamoru” in them, in addition to constant repeats from the other cast in the games themselves.  Like what the fuck are you protecting me from? The pigeons in the park?😐

On one hand, fantasy and action shows I will forgive. Of course the heroine may need protection from tentacle monsters, beasts and the local school rapist.  On the other hand, instead of throwing in some guy to protect her, why can’t she protect herself? The one strong female that I always admired was the teacher from Gokusen. I never read the manga, but she definitely could take care of herself. Any man that she met would just be a love interest, but in no way would she come running to him to rely on being protected. I almost thought that the girl from Hana Yori Dango had balls too, but later on she became a pansy weakling too, so that instantly removed her from the category.

The one point I wanted to bring up once more is the weak guy. One of the games I played had an otaku nerd. He always got beat up, and well he pretty much sucked at protecting the heroine too. However the heroine was a cute petite pretty girl who thanks to her, the hero stopped being a dorky otaku and became a “real salaryman” instead. So while it seems like the male characters will change for the good, the females seem to continue staying in that “i need protection” role. Even going back as far as Sailor Moon for example. Tsukino Usagi has so much powers but she’s so fucking retarded, even when Mamoru dies in a plane crash (oops spoiler!), she relies on some tranny sailor stalight to save her ass the rest of the series.🙄

I’m not even going to into the Shinjo Mayu complex where the heroine is so pathetic not only is she “protected” by the guy, but at the end of the day she’s his sex toy who needs protection from the protector.😆

I guess to conclude this rant, it just personally annoys me especially with all this moe garbage lately. I mean I love cute stuff too, but why can’t we have cute AND powerful? And I don’t mean like ridiculous stuff like digi charat where Dejiko just zaps everyone with eye beams.  I also don’t mean shows where the only strong females end up being lesbians. Why can’t the girl save the guy for once AND still have a happy ending with him? (*cough Kurokami cough*) I guess as long as the culture always feels that females are “trophies”, it will reflect similarly on their ideas and creations as well. This is probably why a lot of Japanese men don’t like American women: too assertive for them! Similarly, I know a few assertive Japanese women, and needless to say, their husbands/boyfriends are not Japanese.😆

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  1. omo says:

    Reminds me of Cross Game’s Aoba and Senda.

  2. Toonleap says:

    Dont worry …I will do a manga and once the main guy says..Dont worry, I will protect you…the main girl will say…


  3. Hinano says:

    no she has to slap the guy and be like “no bitch, I will fucking protect YOU”😈

  4. Micchi says:

    It sure is a common theme, but so long as that’s what the majority of the audience wants, that’s what will pervade.

  5. Owen S says:

    I want to protect her! Preferably, with my penis!

  6. omo says:

    Owen = Arararararagi

  7. Hinano says:

    aw come on guys you’re suppose to save those comments for google reader

  8. omisyth says:

    I❤ stereotypes. They make me lol.

  9. tsu says:

    I’d say SaiKano acts as one of the best commentaries on this subject, not because it’s a good anime, but because it uwittingly exposes the whole issue and revels in it. It’s like an alcoholic’s explanation for the hospital trip.

  10. The “I will protect you” thing has been seriously overdone and I think you hit it pretty accurately with the current “role” of women in Japanese culture. Anime just seems to re-enforce this… Until the idea that women can be strong (and equal) is common in the Japanese public’s eyes, I don’t foresee the trend in anime changing.

    Of course, there are lots of over-used themes in anime. The whole “Just believe in me” reasoning is another example. Gurran Lagann is a perfect example of how ridiculous it can get…

    • jpmeyer says:

      What’s sad is that it’s not like this is even a distinctly “feminine” trait. My favorite example is anything with gangs or yakuza. All of the low-ranking members are like completely incapable of doing anything and have to completely depend on their leader. There can be twenty of them versus one gang leader from the other gang, and they will all run away with their tails between their legs rather than just dogpiling the guy and beating him. Of course, while it’s not a “feminine” trait, women do always get assumed to be the one that’s going to be the dependent one.

      Then I think about something like The Godfather where Sonny gets ambushed by a bunch of guys, and they kill him rather than running away because oh noes there’s no way all of us can take on this high-level gangster! That and the fact that Don Vito is the boss because he is the best manager and leader, not because he can beat people up. It’s obviously not played seriously in Sengoku Basara, but I kept thinking about how if the legendary heroes can go kill literally hundreds of men at a time, why even bother having the armies in the first place? Just send those couple bosses around having them just fight each other.

  11. Hinano says:


  12. Abi-kun says:

    Hmm, I don’t think that Japanese man’s dicks can be smaller, then they already are, that would mean a complete lack of it…

  13. Kabitzin says:

    In Soviet Russia, woman protects YOU.

  14. Nellie says:

    I like strong female characters. Unfortunately there aren’t many in romance. Yankumi from Gokusen, Revy from Black Lagoon, Balsa from Seirei no Moribito, Kino from Kino’s Journey, some of Miyazaki’s characters like Nausicaa, Kasahara from Toshokan Sensou, etc.

    Wish there were some in shoujo, but young girls like their prince’s in shining armor.

  15. Mika says:

    This reminds me a lot of Kaichou wa Maid-sama with Misaki being a badass man-hating school president, being admirable and saving people and beating guys up. It was good in the beginning where she saved herself from a group of rapists. But theeeeen Usui had to prove that she is still a weak helpless “woman” and has to save her from a stronger judo-trained pimp and everything else that came her way from there on.

  16. Hinano says:

    Mika> this is exactly why I stopped buying that manga😛

  17. dokimasu says:

    I noticed that whenever some badass girl has to deal with romance, they don’t turn out so “badass” anymore as the story progresses.

    …Or maybe it’s just me.😄

  18. omo says:

    I think Kabitzin wins.

  19. Hinano says:

    dokimasu> yea like I said – they start kicking ass first, then some guy comes along, suddenly their kickass persona digs itself into a grave lol

  20. L-chan says:

    Hinano, have you seen Kaleido Star? It strikes me as something you’d like. The heroine occasionally gets help from guys, but in the end she’s really depending on her own strength because, well, even if he wanted to a guy can’t do a complicated trick on the trapeze FOR her.

  21. Hinano says:

    L-chan> actually I have but again – in like the 2nd season the focus was only on the 2 females and it felt like a whole bunch of yuri. Like I said – I still want to see a romance anime, between a GUY and a GIRL but at the same time still have the girl be stronger ya know? Otherwise its like either only girls or just complete yuri.

  22. And yet you don’t like Shakugan no Shana? (Shana is stronger than Yuuji and mainly wants him for emotional support.)

  23. Hinano says:

    Shana is really fucking annoying, she has like no love for the main character and treats him like dirt. Those kinds of female personas are nothing to admire. Louise was the same way lol.

  24. Kei says:

    I was laughing when I saw the first part, because it’s been bothering me for a LONG time as well. This is why I hate mangas from Cheese and Sho comi, etc. The girl is tough, but gets raped and ends up falling in love with the guy who raped her just because he protected her once. =,=; Because masculine girls will eventually “evolve” into a damsel in distress and cowardly men will become macho heroes…or something like that.

  25. Hinano says:

    lolol Shocomi, oh god hot gimmick, never read that crap and never will :S

  26. FuyuMaiden says:

    So very right. A strong girl who protects the guy just doesn’t really exist that often. Mahou shoujo will make it seem like the girls protecting the guy, but that’s only in some final battle where she just takes over because she has special power. Until then she was getting saved every five minutes.

    It’s nice to watch sometimes…but why does it have to be all so horribly one-sided in almost every series?

    Ugh. Of course there’s fans who are think they’re being very “progressive” and say they’re backing the “strong girl” in a harem anime. They need a good smack to knock sense into them, because calling any of those girls “strong” (in the way they mean it) is insulting. She’ll be dependent on the guy and that’s that. The best you can hope for is that at some point in the relationship things will even out somewhat so he’ll start depending on her too.

    And I don’t even want to get started on yuri… If a girl doesn’t need a guy, it has to be because she only likes girls. wtf.

  27. ToastCrust says:

    I think this could be looked at from another perspective though.

    More or less, my experience with teenage girls (especially the Asian ones) is that they’re totally into this stuff.

    In the always-seeing-their-Facebook/MSN/whatever-be-some-sappy-I-will-protect/cherish/die-for/blahblah-you kind of way. That sort of expectation to, I think, is in part fed on and created by media, particularly the Asian sort (whether it’s a drama, anime, boy-band-side-material, whatever).

    And well, it’s a pain in the ass sort of expectation to try and pretend to fulfill. Mainly because I’m a lazy jerk and have lost all pride that’d actually make me care about being dominate or whatever.

    Anyways, point is, while it’s annoying that women are always put in a place of subordination, I think it’s equally just as bad that men are always forced to be the dominate one.

    Fate/stay Night was kind of amusing for that, what with the hilarity of Shirou (who’s essentially useless) trying to make Saber not fight CAUSE SHE’S A GIRL. Takes that guy quite a while to realize it’s retarded to try and protect a legendary hero on steroids.

    On the topic though, I recently watched the larger part of Turn A Gundam. And well, I think it pretty much smashes this entire stereotype apart. 10 years or so ago.

    Tomino’s not really that great of a director, but at least post-depression, his works tend towards being pretty pro-feminism (the protagonist was supposed to be female too, actually, but Bandai execs didn’t let him).

    Doubt you’ll ever watch Turn A, though, Hinano😛

    The greatest part is when one of the main girls in the supporting cast, gets proposed to by the much older soldier she fights with, BECAUSE of how energetic and strong she is in combat (though maybe he’s just a pedophile).

  28. DS says:

    The Dangos will protect you!

  29. Hitomi says:

    yeah i agree with you. this is probably the reason why i loved kamikaze kaitou jeanne so much (the manga), because although chiaki kept spewing some bull that she was weak, in the end she had to use her own strength and prove that she had to stand on her own feet.

    i’ll keep in mind for when i make a manga in the future to keep my girls strong till the end and not meek

  30. Shin says:

    We had a similar conversation over Google Talk! Only thing is that I wish for girls to protect me!

  31. adaywithoutme says:

    This is why I stopped watching Rurouni Kenshin TV when it aired on Cartoon Network eight hundred years ago – I remembered saying to friend, “Why is it that the girls are great at kicking ass, but then a guy shows up and they’re all weak all of sudden?”

    This is another reason why Revolutionary Girl Utena kicks ass – it kicks the prince stereotype down a flight of stairs, and it aptly demonstrates the fact that a person can only save themselves, ultimately. But the TV series is pretty light on the romance you seem to want from shows, even if it is basically pure awesome.

    Haha, technically Mai-HiME would meet the requirement, since Tate has no mad skillz of HiME-ness, but that show isn’t exactly progressive either…

    Maybe Princess Tutu would work? Ahiru gets a little help toward the end from a guy, but its definitely up to her what ends up happening.

    The romance stipulation you have makes it hard – most of the type of romance you want occurs in shoujo stuff, and the girls reading shoujo are still generally in the wanting to be saved by a prince stage, as you can see from the popularity of things like the Twilight series – they’re middle and high schoolers, after all.

    • jpmeyer says:

      My-Hime really doesn’t count because there are almost no male characters and they few that are there really aren’t important. That said, you also forgot Akira and Mai’s little brother! That one’s even better because he’s even frail and sickly.

  32. Celestial says:

    hinano just wants to protect jp *blush*

  33. Hinano says:

    a day without me> yea thats what I mean – I still want romance…but where the girl kicks ass! Lol yea not happening in Japan.

    Shin> yea I thought I told you I wanted to write a post about this during our conversation xDDD

  34. JohnG says:

    All I got from this is that all I need to do to get girls in Japan is to walk around and kick everyone ass. Remind me to move there.

  35. batpig says:

    Love your post. The weak heroine thing is what really pisses me off about shoujo even though I’m a big fan of the genre. I think I can count series where the heroine is stronger and/or on equal level with the hero on one hand.

    If you have a PS2 and want to play an otome game with a kickass heroine, you need to play Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3. You might know the series as being about helpless mikos who gets protected by her harem of loyal bishonens ^^; but that’s just the first two games. Harutoki 3 has a nice deconstruction of that stereotype. It starts out seemingly the same with Nozomi merrily expanding her harem. Then suddenly you will get a scenario where bad shit happens when Nozomi only let other people protect her (and then she decided she’ll be the one to protect and save everyone :D)

    Granted, there’s a couple of traditional endings where the guys are the ones to do the saving, and pretty much every guy will spout some line about “I will protect you~”. But the majority of the good endings happen when she is proactive and do something to protect her man. On the other hand, choices where she acts weak will usually end in disaster. My favorite bad end is one where Nozomi falls in love with her enemy and he asks her to betray her side and join him. If you choose to do that, she’ll kill all her friends and he rewards her by literally stabbing her in the back for being a stupid bitch.

  36. adaywithoutme says:

    @ Hinano – Sadly, I feel like it extends to ‘Lol yea not happening anywhere’ – just look at how massively popular Twilight is =( And even when the ladies are kick-ass, they’re almost always lesbians; nothing against lesbians, but it’d be nice if the heterosexual ladies were allowed to be strong, too.

    @ jpmeyer – Oh man, how could I forget Akira and the little brother?! Akira IS pretty fucking awesome.

  37. L-chan says:

    UGH. Twilight. Don’t mention Twilight.

    I’m not sure if Princess Tutu breaks the mold. It’s true that Ahiru did most of the heavy lifting herself, but in the end she also needed Fakir’s “author powers” to beat the Raven. I’d have to watch it again.

  38. Hinano says:

    I don’t have a PS2 but I always disliked harutoki because it felt like a complete ripoff Fushigi Yuugi lol. At least the anime did anyway.

  39. batpig says:

    Yeah, the first two is pretty much a ripoff. The second one is even just a ripoff of the first one lol. The third and fourth game became pretty different with more focus on time traveling and fighting in battles instead of relying only on sparkly miko powers.

  40. bluemist says:

    Hilarious post! In almost any series I can recall there is at least one of those. Funny thing is, it’s like a prelude to the confession scene later in the series. “I protect you first, then love you later lulz.”

    And did anyone fail to mention how the hell the archestereotype “tsundere” was born eh?

  41. heartfulcry says:

    UGH SHINJO MAYU. Just remembering her manga makes me sad. I stopped reading something Phrase when Aine was just some plaything for everyone to rape.😐

    I really don’t like the whole prince thing because it was so cliche and stupid. I don’t want a guy telling me he’ll protect me from non-existent aliens that would want to probe me. Geez, its like in anime nowadays, a girl can’t even walk down a street corner without some guy coming out of the bushes to protect her.

    What about Ohmi Tomu’s works? Midnight Secretary or Barairo ma Hani La vie d’ amour? The girls tend to say really cliche stuff but they stick up for themselves when you want them too.😡

  42. Cherish says:

    In your Skip Beat example…which guy do you mean when you say jerk? It really is a good series, even if you disliked the anime I still think you’d like the manga.

    I think I can think of a few series’ with examples of strong heroines who don’t need protection (or need it but don’t get it?), and a few where it’s the other way around. Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Fruits Basket (Let’s face it, Tohru did most of the protecting), Revolutionary Girl Utena (not the movie though, it’s yuri…) to name a few.

    It’s true though…strong salary women-types don’t seem to find romance in anime. It’s pretty sad that in anime you have to be a sixteen-year-old who acts like a five-year-old and makes dinosaur noises to be found attractive to guys.

  43. Julie says:

    *applause* Well said.

    I had to stop reading Akuma no eros after a while because it was so bad. I suppose if you’re reading it for the smut, rather then the storyline it might be worth it.

    The only way I can rationalize this damzel in distress mentality, is that it’s supposed to be more romantic that way. Though I agree, after reading so many manga, if you can tell how the entire series will go within ten pages, it gets old.

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  45. MO says:

    Read Trista – SHE is a strong character, reaaaly strong

  46. aziz says:

    try Gakuen Prince, maybe the girls get timid later but the first two volumes they are the psychotic aggressors at a female dominated school where the males are trophies.

  47. ewok says:

    Well, for one, the conclusion of second raid FMP season is avoiding this – in the end Kaname saved herself and kicked Sagara into final action from his gloom


    I love your post xD

    However, I’ll also find it strange if only the girl who does protection to the guyo_O I highly prefer it to be MUTUAL =3 And the girl isn’t helpless =_=

    Extremely few animanga girls are like that T_T

  49. Okami Kugatsu says:

    So…..One Piece anyone?

  50. Hinano says:

    oh i forgot to mention in my post that I really liked Hataraki Man. That was definitely an empowered female.

  51. ewok says:

    Kimagure Orange Road – Madoka the Pick!
    woe to anyone who tries to threaten her or her friends… and protection with protagonist is mutual to say at least…

  52. ewok says:

    And for pretty much horde of really bad@$$ women try Black Lagoon – every single of them outpowers Rock, though he is bad@$$ enough to drink with Revy, and his negotiating skills make him power to be reckoned with – he managed to convince Balalaika into changing action once, no mean feat!

  53. L-chan says:

    Hell yeah One Piece!

  54. Keith says:

    Wow. All of thse responses and I don’t think I saw ONE about Rose of Versailles. If you want a show with a really intense and independent woman, that is the show for you. Oscar, the main character, breaks EVERY stereotype that female anime characters get AND she developes very well throughout the plot.

    Really, female protagonists don’t get better than her.

  55. Hinano says:

    lol that ancient manga art style will take some time to get used to though. xDDD

    But again – reading the wikipedia page, she is raised as a MAN. So again she’s a strong female…who acts like a man. Why can’t she be strong yet cute/feminine at the same time?

  56. microlm says:

    Shin Angyo Onshi has quite a few strong females. Actually, the main girl is a bodyguard for the guy and the author himself said that he makes all his females stronger because he believes that they are (I think it’s because of childbirth?).

  57. plumvs says:

    3 series that I think would fit the bill of strong yet feminine female lead and has a fair amount of romance are:
    – Basara (advanture shoujo manga)
    – Harukanaru toki no naka de 3 (otome game)
    – Tenshi na konamaiki (comedy shonen manga)

    I also dig this type of series, sadly I haven’t come across any more good ones.

  58. shaula says:

    I am not disagreeing at all with Hinano, but I wanted to throw in another exception: I’ll date myself with this one, but what about Belldandy from Ah My Goddess? She’s WAYYY stronger than Keichi and they both know it but they are still a romantic couple (though an extremely slow to develop romantic couple).

  59. shale says:

    I agree with many others on Harukanaru toki no naka de 3, so much better and different than it’s two predecessors. It’s the best otome game according to a magazine poll, and because the heroine is so strong without being masculine. Then again, part of the gameplay is training and acquiring new fighting skills. You fight with the other guys as a team.

    If anyone would like a taste of it, there is an OVA, but it is only 1 episode long …

  60. Tama says:

    Why get our hands dirty when we can have the macho men to do it for us?😄 Strong females = Freaks of nature to a lot of guys

    By the way, have you played Odin Sphere for the PS2. I think you’ll like it since it has a good amount of romance. The female characters are pretty awesome.

    “Insult my husband again and my spear will meet your hand.” –Best line ever from that game.

  61. Kaitune says:

    The thing that I really get sick of right now is the strong-yet-secretly-sensitive (which in this case = weak) girl. These girls would pwn a hell lot of bad things, YET, the anime/manga would then show that she is actually sensitive and that would be time when the main guy (usually pussy) gets to show his balls, so it would justify him scoring her (or her getting together with him.) It is just…WTF! Can’t she be strong and then just be together with him the way she is?

    Even worse, this is a spot-on reflection of Asian women. They are now well-educated and such, but they still want to be appreciated by men (many of whom who still want a wife-wife not an uber-independent-careerwoman-wife), and their career become a double-edge sword. My friends were so shocked when they found out that my mother made more than my father “How can your father stand this?!”……. Umm… Apparently, he has enough gut not to be intimidated by his wife’s salary… His kind of men shouldn’t be a freak of nature. This is the kind of things that men should be able to do.

    Since people still think like this, no wonder why the anime chicks are like that. I wish more anime chicks are like the FMA chicks. I like the presentation of female characters in that one. They can be strong and cool, and men can respect her just like that. There are cool chicks in animes. Just not enough to counter all the wimpy chicks and the strong-yet-weak-because-she-is-still-female chick.

  62. trewth says:

    So would Rika from Higurashi fit the bill? I’m trying to think of other examples, but everything that comes to mind (e.g. the mother from Princess Maker 4) is something of a stretch. I’ve even quit following Zero no Tsukaima because there is no independent female left.

    I think the anime culture has some pet themes, and dependent women is one of them. For a change of pace, you might have to turn to “serious” literature like…I don’t know…Crime and Punishment?

  63. Di Gi Kazune says:

    I want an anime where the female lead will say to the male lead:


    Wait… That is black lagoon >_>


    I’d just take my spunky loli-hybrid cateared girl as prime example.


    Otogi jushi akazukin. Souta needs his shouta ass protected by 3 girls.

  64. ewok says:

    quote:Wait… That is black lagoon >_>
    end quote
    yep, the scene where Revy and Eda are drinking and Eda asks about RevyXRock:
    Have you done it already? is just great…

  65. Marigold Ran says:

    Move to Canada if you want to see strong, mature women. Or Australia. I’m serious. Women from the former British dominions are the best.

    P.S. A woman that wants to be empowered = a woman that is not empowered. We desire most that which we do not have.

  66. Kiara says:

    I was happy to see this post because this too has bothered me. As I was going through the comments and looking at the recommendations I was like what about Ghost in the Shell. I know it is no where near a romance but the major is just awesome. I love the anime and I think she is quite a strong female lead.

  67. Vera says:

    See? That is precisely why I prefer yaoi/bl anime.😛

    Not to say that the odd romantic prince charming saving the day is not nice too… but, like you said. After quite a few years (*counts* hm… must be some 17 years… I’m so old T.T) it gets incredibly old.

  68. Shiro, Long Tail's says:

    This is one the reasons that I really enjoyed reading Koukou Debut. The female protagonist wants to be like one of the girls in your typical shoujo manga but she has such a strong personality herself she ends doing the opposite most of the time.

    It was especially refreshing since at the time I was also reading through Koko ni Iru yo! and the heroine falls directly into this stereotype. Both manga featured a scene where the catty popular girls were picking on the heroine for having a popular much coveted boyfriend. Koko ni had me rolling my eyes in the first encounter whereas Koukou Debut had me cracking up and applauding the heroine.

    Tangential recommendations aside, I do get tired of hearing ‘IMA PROTECT U’ from every spunky shonen.

  69. Sabrina says:

    Perfection thy name is Hinano!

  70. fatalblue says:

    Maybe you can count Otomen. The girls isn’t the main protagonist but as the main guy’s love interest she is a pretty good example of a strong female who isn’t…well…butch.

    She is a tomboy thanks to her upbringing but not “manly” likewise Asuka is still “manly” despite his interest in “girly” things.

    It’s a good set up allows that allows the couple to be even when it comes to protecting and being protected.

  71. Hinano says:

    oh yes otomen is indeed a good example but since I only saw a few eps of the drama it was hard for me to refer to it.

    I read Koukou Debut btw, great manga, I completely forgot about it.

  72. Blowfish says:

    I guess we dont have to dive deeper into why Male-targeted series feature the popular “Ill protect you” part.
    I didnt expect that this is such a common theme in Shoujo Manga/Anime aswell.

    The sad thing is that the large part of the audience still believes in these stereotypical genderroles.The knight in shining armor that saves the damsel in distress must be speaking directly to their hearts or some shit.

    The masses get what the masses craves for.

  73. Blowfish says:

    On a Second Thought:
    Whats about Fujiko from Lupin?
    Sure she gets kidnapped from time to time but its often staged by herself and on the other hand she often helps out the guys when they are in trouble.
    Its a pretty equal dominance level.
    She isnt one of those Badass “Buddy” Girls either and seen as Love interest by the male lead

    Lupin is on a second though a series with Zero Character Development though

  74. Blowfish says:

    Isnt that the case in 90% of all human encounters anyway?

    • jpmeyer says:


      Well, seeing how half of one’s encounters are with members of the sex that one doesn’t have a sexual preference for…😛

  75. shale says:

    I think that it should be 50-50, .. right? The ‘knight in shining armor’ role should be divided equally. Seeing a guy always being protected by the woman is kinda pathetic; the same for the man always protecting the woman. =_=;

  76. CatzCradle says:

    I totally agree with what you’re saying. Although rare, I have come upon a few shoujo manga where is indeed strong and does not need any help from the guy:

    Warau Kanoko-sama

    Watashi ni xx Shinasai!

    Akuma to Love Song

    Please lemme know what you think~😉

  77. Ragna says:

    What about Horo from Spice and Wolf? She’s feminine, attractive, and nearly always have to save Lawrence from danger and often his own retardism, not to mention that they are obviously gaga for one another…that would fit the bill right? :p

  78. ewok says:

    Horo OTOH is naive about world of men and relies on Lawrence in his dealings with them. they are complicated pairing…

  79. Ragna says:

    But at no point does she “need” his protection – she’s learned quickly and can easily return to live a life of a wolf. The only reason she travels with him is out of love and her desire to return to her homeland.

    Point is, she’s an empowered female character that does not “require” a knight at every obstacle

  80. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Horo should just do a Kanopr0n



  82. ewok says:

    Balalaika is prime example… pay to be protected or face her wrath😛

  83. dick jones says:

    After reading Gokujou Drops, I realised that its has nothing to do with the male dominance over females in relationships, its just shoujo manga at fault for pushing these themes…….and mills and boon.

  84. Cineja says:

    OMFG You just summed up how I felt about female protagonists in Anime! -thumbs up-
    Why can’t they protect the guys instead or not fall in love with guy?!

    This is extactly why I stopped watching Pandora Hearts.

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  86. Krix says:

    U know wat? I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with wat u say!
    I mean, I’ve always been sick of those mangaka making shoujos so CHEAP in the end. Tats y i went for yaoi(opps) instead. Anyway, we’ll wait for a new revolutionary fiction character to be created.

  87. - says:

    You want strong, independent female character? Flo from Playfirst Diner Dash games😄

    She’s sooo cool, and in Avenue Flo she has a totally kick ass voice! The Playfirst forums are filled with people asking when she’s gonna get a boyfriend. She’s a tomboy, though, I doubt the thought ever crossed her mind. Damn, I love those dash games.

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  89. rikkun says:

    Hmmm… What about Kuromitsu from Kurozuka?? She’s strong because she helps the main character, but also needs protection in the sense that she’s weak and gets kidnapped. -.-

  90. Leda says:

    Juuni Kokki! The female protagonist starts off despicably weak, so that the only the keeping me watching at first was the music and art quality, but then she gradually becomes a CRAZY BADASS SWORDFIGHTING MONARCH! Sadly, it’s lacking in the explicit romance department, despite having an abundance of worthy bishounen. Men are significant actors in JK, but the heroine is the most kickass, and she stays that way.

    New to your blog, btw. yay!

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