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Game Review: CCY先輩は17歳

I had intended to review this on my game blog initially, but since this game is about anime bloggers, I felt doing it here would be more fitting. This is a review of lolikit’s visual novel that he’s working on with … Continue reading

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Naruto Ch. 458

Aw come on I fucking called it last week! I told you Sai would play “cupid” lol! If this isn’t a smack to Sakura’s heart and feelings, I don’t know what is. At least now it’s pretty clearly explained that … Continue reading

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Valkyria Chronicles – 17

Someone please tell me that she somehow survives. I didn’t see her in the preview….so I’m not sure anymore😦

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Requiem for Phantom – 17

Hollyyy shit are you kidding me. It’s like if shit was to hit the fan in this series this episode would be it. First Claudia is like manipulating everyone & their grandma, including her own “friends”, allies and her love … Continue reading

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Naruto Ch. 457

It seems like in Naruto, in order for something to occur you need a catalyst in almost EVERY situation. So now it looks like Kishimoto is trying to push for Naruto’s feelings to Sakura, but all of a sudden Naruto’s … Continue reading

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Buzzer Beat – 02

This week thanks to Riko’s encouragement, Naoki is able to stop sucking and actually get his team to victory. Right now the coach guy is totally putting the moves on Riko, and she likes it…but on the other hand it’s … Continue reading

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what i was forced to watch this week #22: pita ten

If I hadn’t watched so many crappy anime for this series, I’d think that Pita Ten was a lot worse than it was. Instead of being “awful”, it only ends up being “really bad” (to say nothing of say, “transcendentally … Continue reading

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Anna-san no Omame First Impressions

I don’t watch old dramas anymore these days but D-Addicts series of the week this week caught my eye. The drama focuses on Riri, the best friend of Anna who is a complete idiot and thinks every guy she meets … Continue reading

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