Valkyria Chronicles – 08

Geez about time =_=

Geez about time =_=

You have no idea how annoying is watching this show just for a scene like this, having to go through senseless battles and hearing Lelouch Lamperouge make cameos every week with Miss Big Tits. The fact that they got Fukuyama Jun voicing that guy in the EXACT SAME WAY loses any seriousness this show has for me. (The tits don’t help either but that’s beside the point.) Sigh, how many more dumb episodes do I have to go through before we get anymore Welkin x Alicia stuff ;_;

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12 Responses to Valkyria Chronicles – 08

  1. TJ says:

    Welkin clearly cares more about the lizards than Alicia. Or at best they are on equal footing.

  2. Koll says:

    What!?!? You’re still watching this!?!? For romance!?!? Hell, Saki has more chemistry than this show. The new Star Trek movie has more love scenes than this show. Just watch the last episode for this show and you’ll get to see them pair up, at the rate this show is going.

  3. ewok says:

    I am watching it for tanks, guns and explosions… And it delivers. Romance? Who needs romance when you can have 40 tons of steel on tracks with BFG as main armament? Or bullet-deflecting Selvaria?

  4. dokimasu says:

    *dunno if this is a spoiler, but!* I heard in the game they have a kid or something in the end.

    Well that’s what I heard…. Not sure if it’s true or not.:/

  5. ewok says:

    Heard the same thing and they name it after certain other character that dies in the game… note: not sure that anime is gonna take the same route.

  6. Jinxi says:


    ^It’s true. They make chemistry and produce a child.

    And if the anime doesn’t take that route then hell, I WILL NUKE A-1.

  7. djreanl says:

    I’m all for AliciaXthe other captain dude. Welkin is too ditsy in the anime.

  8. Aerojohn says:

    I’m not the only one watching this show for the romance, I just hope that they don’t push Alicia towards Faldio anymore, I just sense date-raep.

  9. Hinano says:

    Faldio feels like an asexual starfish

  10. ewok says:

    Faldio wants to hurt Alice… but in very asexual way and to a certain noble purpose….
    ****spoiler end****

  11. ^It’s true. They make chemistry and produce a child.

    All of a sudden, I’m more interested in this show >:-3

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