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“Enemy of all Otaku.”

I’m a lot more inspired to do meta jokes than jokes about an episode of an anime, so yea probably no more anime related comics but rather things like this.😆 I’m going to try to do comics in Manga Studio … Continue reading

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Higashi no Eden – 04

I was going to do a comic for this too, but then I realized I have like no motivation to draw comics every single day for all the 7 shows I watch every week. In addition no motivation = really … Continue reading

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Naruto Shippuuden Movie 5: BONDS

The only thing that bonded in this movie was the combination of DBZ, Strike Witches and dirty old men. I could have made so many stupid comics about this movie, but I’m trying to keep it at one per item😆 … Continue reading

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An experiment.

I haven’t drawn any comics like this since my time at college, doing them for the weekly paper. Didn’t really try too hard on this one because as fellow comicers have shown me that humor is more important than art … Continue reading

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Tayutama – 04

It’s been a while since I saw an anime that had a panty thief but rather than it being some erojiji, it’s a randy loli spirit. In addition, she stole them not because she wants to randomly sniff them or … Continue reading

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Hanasakeru Seishounen – 04

So the Eugene arc finally ends this week. They went deep into his past and how his mother committed suicide before she turned 20 and Eugene planned to do the same. But according to Kajika he was “waiting for somebody … Continue reading

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Valkyria Chronicles – 04

While we’re on the topic of shows having content that’s completely incoherent with the show’s theme: Fanservice. I mean I never really played the game so I can’t comment, but for some reason seeing scenes of Alicia blushing over naked … Continue reading

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Zwei & Ein’s Doki Doki Date – 04

Rofl Rofl Rofl, if you had no idea that this show was about assassins and murder, this would look like some random harem anime.😆

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