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Naruto Ch. 437


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Screw Meta, let’s talk about blogs missing in action!

Sure everyone & their grandma is doing the “let’s mention new blogs” post. Well I’m gonna be an ass and say “i don’t care about new blogs” how about we talk about all the great blogs that are now missing … Continue reading

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Clannad After Story 20

This is the episode to sit back, relax and enjoy Ushio before she’s gone… DAMNIT! (´ノω;`)

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Mei-chan no Shitsuji – 07

I really do feel sorry for Mameshiba. He’s there for Mei while she cries all arone at the beach, while Rihito is down with a cold over at Shiori’s love shack. But you know it’s obvious that Rihito is gonna … Continue reading

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Kurokami – 08

Someone last week said that based on the screenshots the show could be some kind of harem love comedy.

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i want to like ride back so much, but i just can’t

No really, I do. Ride Back is a half-decent show with interesting themes, a likable lead, and cool mecha designs. It just doesn’t work. For the first few episodes, my thought was “I kinda like this”. At the time, it … Continue reading

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one last economic thought

So while I know that obviously DS was trying to razz me (hence the =P), I feel like part of my mindset is because I can look at doing things the “legit” way and still not having it matter because … Continue reading

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the recession’s got me thinkin’…

Two articles interested me yesterday. The first was a New York Times story about the recession in Japan. The recession is even worse in Japan than it is in the US because Japan is heavily dependent on exports. The reason … Continue reading

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