Slayers Evolution-R – 01: Same Old Fail.



Ok I don’t care if this pisses Slayers/JC Staff fanboys off but THIS HAS GOT TO BE SAID. YOU CANNOT MAKE AN ANIME ON NOSTALGIA ALONE.

Bringing back every villain in the opening isn’t going to make me like this show any better. Bringing back an annoying big breasted whore is going to make me hate this show even more.  Do you know what the plot of this show is? There isn’t one. And the one that’s there is merely an excuse for them to animate more sequences of Lina casting Dragon Slave on a piece of armor that acts like some abandoned princess.🙄 You know I was a big fan of Slayers BACK IN THE DAY, but trying to use the same old crap to “rekindle” my fandom is not working. Maybe for this guy it’s working, but it’s not working here. The times have changed, if you want people to enjoy Slayers, you have to try to adapt to the “new anime trends”. You can’t just dig up a grave and hope to find a living thing inside, instead of a rotting dead body.

The worst part about this whole thing is they’re making this like  “2nd season” when EVERYBODY knows that every Slayers season ever was 26 episodes and that it’s really obvious that this was a continuation (read: NOT A SEQUEL) of “Season 1. ” Aggh it’s so aggravating. All the other Slayers series had new enemies, new everything, and this feels like a rehash of every freaking thing, including Xellos’ BGM theme used when he’s not even in the episode ε=ε=ε=(#`・д・)/ コラァー!! Also adding a Digimon clone was a big mistake since the first episode of season 1. Couldn’t they have put him into another form!? And damn giving him Blackstar’s voice actor was a finishing touch to the horrendous directing decisions. Congradulations JC Staff, even without huge titties and flat chested angry lolis, you still manage to jump on the failboat every time. Why don’t you go join GONZO over there, I think they may need some company.

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18 Responses to Slayers Evolution-R – 01: Same Old Fail.

  1. jpmeyer says:

    Did somebody say “annoying big breasted whore?” :that serial killer emoticom that we used to have:

  2. nazarielle says:

    Truly no one RAEGs quite like you do Hinano.

  3. 2ndmazokuwar says:

    Way to rage dude. I actually loved this episode, and I feel like they can do wonders with the plot.

  4. Aroduc says:

    That’s the worst part? That’s the thing that is driving you insane? Really, Hinano?

  5. Scheris says:

    Totally forgot that this has a “second season” I think that shows how much I enjoyed the first season. -_-

    I think this is going to stay in the dropped section unless something really good happens. And by something really good I mean dumping that annoying fur ball in pit of lava.

  6. jpmeyer says:

    It’s so enraging that it makes her unable to clearly think about what enrages her the most. RAEG.

    (Clearly big ass TITTAYZZZZZZZZZ enrage her most)

  7. Lydia says:

    I really love Phibrizzo, but he needs to stay dead. The Lord of Nightmares finished him off for crying out loud. His death should be a done deal, right? I hope the opening is not foreshadowing at a resurrection of some sort. Rezo needs to stay dead, too.

    I am disappointed, also. There was so much material, in the novels, that could have been used. I mean, what about the other dark lords: Beast Master Zelas, Deep Sea Dolphin, and Dynast? D: I am still excited for this, anyway.

  8. shirokiryuu says:

    Nice way to ruin a franchise =(

  9. snobaste says:

    JC Staff: “I have a great idea! Let’s make every sequel/second season/continuation of every show we ever produce suck ass?”

    “JC Staff, that’s excellent thinking! Have a promotion!”

  10. Hinano says:

    I bet that isn’t too far from the truth

  11. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Life2 is a good spell.

  12. shalala says:

    loooooooooool you let off all your anger in that review.

  13. Hinano says:

    LOL I was just so pissed off that I was hoping season 2 would be an improvement not a detriment to season 1😕

    I’ll probably bulk marathon it after a few eps have aired and if nothing improves I’ll drop it.

  14. bearzerger says:

    I never could get into Slayers neither now nor back then, so there really isn’t any nostalgia for me.

  15. violet says:

    i love phibrizo but yeah, i already got over his death :S anyway, i don’t want to think that they will revive every villain.. but if rezo is alive then, i want zel to become human for a while!!!! it’s the meaning of my life TT_TT
    i’m so dissapointed about this as much as you are and i don’t like the songs either ¬¬

  16. Sabrina says:

    Sadly, you just described every single episode of Slayers ever made, why take your rage out on this lone one?🙂

  17. Oh, you know what it’s like: they just have to churn something out.

    “you just described every single episode of Slayers ever made”
    That is quite true, unfortunately😦

  18. AstroNerdBoy says:

    A sequel is a continuation. ^_~

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