Out of sight, out of mind.

unioncatYou know when a series that I’m really into goes mysteriously into hiatus and then comes back years later, I no longer give a shit. It doesn’t matter how much into the series I was, if you aren’t going to constantly produce continuous updates for me, don’t expect me to stick around and care.

Case 1:

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

I freaking LOVED this show. I cosplayed Haruhi, I drew a HaruKyon doujinshi. Hell it was one of the first shows that I “completed” when I first began blogging in 2006. I read all the currently released novels but now what? Cockteasing us with stupid newtype pictures with no continuation in sight. Does KyoAni think that putting “teasers” in magazines is gonna make me give a damn months later? The fact that I already read the novels and I know the story and I know that the next series isn’t going to cover the whole story, am I supposed to still give a damn?😕

And oh the novel. Where is the novel btw? Where’s Book 10? I’m sorry but at this point I don’t care what happens to the story. I mean I may check it out if it’s ever released but the same passion I had back in 2006-2007 is just no longer there. I don’t care what teasers or trollings the anime studio does, it’s meaningless because the “hype” is gone. Considering that “hype” was a major part of the Haruhi series, this is a big blow to them in my opinion. They may have their hard core cult followers, but I know I’m not the only one who’s stopped giving a damn.

Case 2:

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion manga by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. Ummmmmmmm how about not releasing 1 volume every 2 years? Let’s look at the manga release schedule shall we?

Volume 1 – September 1995
Volume 2 – March 1996 – 6 months later
Volume 3 – October 1996 – 7 months later
Volume 4 – October 1997 – 1 year later
Volume 5 – December 1999 – 2 years and 2 months later
Volume 6 – December 2000 – 1 year later
Volume 7 – November 2001 – 11 months later
Volume 8 – December 2002 – 1 year 1 month later
Volume 9 – April 2004 – 1 year 4 months later
Volume 10 – March 2006 – 1 year 11 months later
Volume 11 – June 2007 – 9 months later
Volume 12 – ?????????????????

So volume 12 is supposed to be the last one but…….umm where is it? I’ve actually been purchasing these books as they came out since 2002 but at this point I’m having 2nd thoughts and thinking of selling my whole set to Book Off because frankly my dear I no longer give a damn. In addition, re-releasing “better animated” versions of the TV series in movie form isn’t doing anything for me either. Sorry Gainax, your milking cow is as far as it goes.

In addition, I’ve read all the Eva spinoff mangas such as Angelic Days and Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku as well as the new Gakuen Datenroku. Spinoffs are great and all (oh who am I kidding they’re awful🙄 ) but I really wanted to see the “spinoff” in the original manga since quite a few things in it differ from the anime.

Case 3:



D.N.Angel – So after dropping half her works, Sugisaki Yukiru decided to actually *gasp* finish them! She had dropped my favorite series, D.N.Angel and went off to draw shota comics until she realized she probably let a really GOOD series rot on her backlog. Unfortunately, the time length was so great that it really did rot, and when she decided to come back and re-release it, after 1-2 new chapters my excitement died and well frankly I don’t care much of what will happen in the story. Similar to Evangelion, she had the procrastination syndrome and/or the “I’m sick of this manga so I’ll just draw another one” syndrome. Let’s take a look at the release dates:

Volume 1 – November 1997
Volume 2 – December 1998 – 1 year 1 month later
Volume 3 – August 1999 – 8 months later
Volume 4 – July 2000 – 11 months later
Volume 5 – February 2001 – 7 months later
Volume 6 – January 2002 – 11 months later
Volume 7 – October 2002 – 9 months later
Volume 8 – March 2003 – 5 months later (holy cow!)
Volume 9 – July 2003 – 4 months later (DAMN!)
Volume 10 – February 2004 – 8 months later
Volume 11 – August 2005 – 1 year 6 months later
Volume 12 – June 2008 – 2 years and 10 months later
Volume 13 – October 2008 – 4 months later (heeeyy!)

So as you can see, if she wants to do it, book releases can be pretty steady. Unfortunately I no longer care. Volume 11 left off on a REALLY NASTY cliffhanger. You just can’t do that and then expect people to come back and welcome you with open arms and forgiveness. You go collecting your tankoubon money and then screwing over your fans. While I have been keeping up with reading the recent chapters, thanks to Turtle Paradise, I’ve since sold my volumes to Book Off and discontinued purchasing any new ones. The story is no longer “captivating” or interesting to me. I’m more reading it just to see what happens and make all my stupid long waits worth it (I think).

So in conclusion, when a mangaka abandons the passion and the effort in their work, they shouldn’t expect their fans to stick around. Some hard core ones will but a casual fan (or one who has turned casual due to this ignorant phenomena) will not. I mean I know shit happens and that’s okay, but none of the examples above give a GOOD reason for not continuously working on the manga, other than being horrible procrastinators.

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25 Responses to Out of sight, out of mind.

  1. miz says:

    Interesting LOL cat picture…

  2. Kuma says:

    You’ve pretty much expressed my exact feelings with the deal with Haruhi. While I still would like to see Season 2 (whenever the hell that’s ever coming out) but I agree with that the passion I had in back 2006-2007 just isn’t there anymore. The novel part just ticks me off. The author use to release 2-3 books each year (2-3!!) and now it’s been almost 2 years since the last one came out. People have been speculating it’s because it’s the last novel of the series and they won’t release it ’til Haruhi S2 comes out in order get more hype sales. Isn’t it common sense in business that you shouldn’t keep your faithful audience/customers hanging like this before they throw up their arms and say, “Fuck this! I’m doing something else now.” -_-

  3. Hinano says:

    Yea they think just because they can hype up the sales when the anime is released people are suddenly gonna jump on it all over again. Considering the amount of media coming out these days there is and WILL be things people will pay attention to that are “new” rather than try to revive their interest in something that was abandoned.

  4. FuyuMaiden says:

    Oh. Haruhi. I find myself caring less and less about it each day. In fact, when people start talking about it, rather than my excitement returning, it makes my enthusiasm fade even more. It always reminds me that we don’t really have anything new to get excited about.

    The procrastination in these other series seems especially stupid now that there’s manga-ka that are actually sick, but will probably get back to work on their series first.

  5. Hinano says:

    The procrastination in these other series seems especially stupid now that there’s manga-ka that are actually sick, but will probably get back to work on their series first.

    Exactly. They have no reason other than lazyness or “loss of interest” which for a pro mangaka is a pathetic excuse.

  6. algelic says:

    You’re SO right!

    If they release a series (anime or manga), they shouldn’t just suddenly go on hiatus! It’s so unfair to all the fans who love it!

    And I also don’t like when a series I really like suddenly goes into *filler* mode with nothing happening for several volumes/episodes.

    My examples:
    – Bokura ga Ita – I LOVED that manga, but the volumes come out so rarely… the last time was 2 years ago! Too slow!
    – Kimi ga Nozomu Eien – They released Haruka’s OVA this year, way after the series ended… and way after my enthusiasm died.
    – Tsubasa Chronicle – It started off SO good… but then went into filler mode and it’s a neverending thing I stopped thinking about.

    What a pity!

  7. Hinano says:

    I think the best filler example is the Naruto anime😆

  8. shirokiryuu says:

    This is why recently I’ve been hesisitant to start any manga series that’s not completed. I build too much expectations waiting for something… just to be dissapointed..

  9. Machi says:

    I think one more mangaka guilty of hiatus syndrome would be Togashi, though it seems he’s trying again but its like you said hiatus’ really hurt weekly/monthly series badly.

  10. elvadrieng says:

    D.N.Angel… sold off my entire manga set lol.

    Haruhi… same as you, I got bored of waiting.

    Hunter x Hunter on the other hand, somehow still manages to keep me interested despite the long and horrible hiatus between chapters.

  11. Shiny says:

    Oh dear Eva. I’ve stopped caring around volume 4, back when Sadamoto made out Asuka to be such a bitch. I can understand he worships Rei, but no need to bastardize Asuka’s character by zapping her with the tsundere ray :[

    Although I guess the three cases above are still not as bad as Miura putting off Berserk to *play Idolm@ster*.

  12. Hinano says:

    😆 Idolmaster! Wow that’s terrible!

    And wow I had no idea Hunter x Hunter was still going. At least Inuyasha finally ended xD

  13. Shaya says:

    Wow, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one tired of waiting for the new Suzumiya Series. I watched S1 last year and couldn’t wait for more. But after awhile…my spark of excitement died off fast. I held off reading the books until this summer, and still have one more to read but, I hate the idea of finishing the ninth book before the tenth is even released ( ̄へ ̄).

    I freaking hate when it becomes about the money they can make by holding off volumes/books and not about the fans and the story. Or they milk the cash cow for as long as they can until fans are like “when the hell is this EVER going to go away??” Like Inuyasha.

  14. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Need more cute Shana!

  15. usagijen says:

    When mangakas procrastinate on their work, it just shows that they’re no longer as inspired as they used to be (or that they doesn’t really ‘love’ working on it the way they used to?), so how can they expect people to love it the same way (or more) =/

    Hardcore fans will certainly stick with the series, as you’ve said, like the fans of Glass Mask, whose tankoubon gets released only after xx years O_O

  16. Shin says:

    Only example I can think of is Claymore, but I can’t really tell if the author’s on hiatus, since there was no announcement or anything. That, or I no longer know where the scans are. Either way, this is just one of the reasons why I don’t read manga.

  17. kunikochan says:

    i HATE it when anime does this (naruto being the perfect example, though there was still the weekly manga so i survived) i mean, really! if your tired of writing something, WRAP IT UP! don’t just drop it like’s yesterday’s leftovers!!!(especially if its at a cliff hanger, thats just plain cruel) and don’t expect a nice warm welcome x years later after you’ve decided to pick it back up again! Geez (-_-)lll

  18. Myssa Rei says:

    I dunno, this kind of pales in what some book readers had to go through. Ever pick up Sword of Fire and Ice? That’s an especially bad example of lag in between sequels. Two to three years in manga and light novels is NOTHING by comparison.

    And people wonder where I get my near-legendary (at least among my friends) patience.

    Also, when one learns that there are prolific writers like King, Pratchett and Gaiman, and there are folk that only churn out work in spurts… Well, places things in perspective.

  19. algelic says:

    Someone here mentioned “Glass Mask”. That’s the PERFECT example. The mangaka took a long time to barely develop the story (40 volumes of nothing) and then took a years-long break and now wants to get back.

    Seriously… that’s SO bad. I wouldn’t buy her manga any more. I don’t even understand how it became such a successful thing in the first place.

  20. Rawr says:

    We’ve all shared your sentiments at one point or another, but I for one, always turn back to series I no longer give a damn about. Why? Well, seeing as I enjoyed the previous installments of a series, what’s the likelihood of me disliking future installments? On another note, I find most new animes extremely lacking and unsatisfying, so when I find something good, yet unfinished, I’ll stick with it until the end.

  21. Myssa Rei says:

    From my understanding, Glass Mask’s case isn’t as much as a continuation problem, but the fact that the author decided to bring the comic up to date with the real world… For example, the series started when there weren’t any cellphones or PCs around, but for some reason, the mangaka felt this nagging need to redo the previous chapters with them it it.

  22. I feel you on the Eva manga. I’ve actually held off on reading the scans since I know they aren’t getting me to the end any quicker!

    Just got the recently released volume 11, and I had to skim through the past 10 volumes just so I could remember how Sadamoto had set up the series. Though, that scene mirroring the cat scene was phenomenal. I cringe at saying this but: “worth the wait.”

    I doubt the wait will hinder my enjoyment of Haruhi though. It’s just sucks having to be so patient.

  23. issa-sa says:

    Oh yea, everyone’s stopped caring about that one. But that’s the point of this post right?

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