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horizon in the middle of nowhere episode 6 was bad and you should feel bad

Well, I too got recruited to watch and write about a random episode of Horizon. I accidentally watched episode 5 by accident since I just went and watched the most recent episode on the date it was supposed to have

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japanese porno cartoon video game review: katawa shoujo

Hmm, how to put this… after about 20 minutes so far, i have to say that liked katawa shoujo better when it was called deus ex human revolution — parody image of che (@jpmeyer) January 27, 2012 Nah, that’s not

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hoisted from the archives: the complete ex-fansubber hitorigoto coverage of zero no tsukaima season three

(And today, we have the final installment of Zero no Tsukaima, anime’s greatest examination of the resolution of Hegelian dialectic between the thesis of kissing and the antithesis of titwhores -jpmeyer) Zero no Tsukaima III – 01 (originally posted on

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on sena’s gigantic tits

So: I see people not quite understand why I think the art in the Haganai manga is better than the anime, but to sum it up, it's expressiveness. — No-Stances Emperor (@sdshamshel) November 5, 2011 @sdshamshel the manga uses the

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what i was (not) forced to watch this week #26: macross 7

I had originally planned to watch Macross 7 first when I was starting this whole let’s-finish-off-Macross stretch last month. It was the longest one, so I wanted to plow through it and stop procrastinating. Unfortunately, I’d watch a few episodes

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a hot patriotic wind: re-writing history in post-colonial south korean blockbusters

Michael Robinson notes a trend in New Korean Film, especially in the wake of Shiri (Swiri, Kang Che-kyu 1998) where filmmakers were using “politically or culturally charged themes as simple plot elements or settings in their scenarios for their dramatic

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what i was (not) forced to watch this week #22: baccano

Baccano is a lot of fun. It’s got an interesting setting, charismatic characters, and a tongue in cheek humor about the whole thing. It’s one of the better anime to have aired in 2007, which was a pretty good year.

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what i was (not) forced to watch this week #18: gosenzosama banbanzai

So when I was talking about the kind of obtuseness that Oshii frequently finds himself turning into, you can label Gosenzosama Banbanzai as exhibit A. I’m not sure both what I was supposed to get from watching it, nor was

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