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6 Year Old Naruto Fandom Theory Has Come True.

OBITO IS TOBI (aka Madara). Yea so is Kishimoto just taking his plot out of fan theories? I had a funny feeling ever since they revealed that the 4th Hokage was  Naruto’s dad but this pretty much confirms it. Now

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the most important part of your otakon preparation

…is to peruse the personals on the Baltimore section of craigslist. otakon – m4w – 22 hey im lookigforsome fun doing otakon would love to hook up with a cute girl im young in shape black well groomed have 8

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the spring 2011 drama “preview”

Here’s the “breakdown” of the 24 various and manifold dramas that will be airing this Spring:

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if you think anime are repetitive, you’ve never seen a drama

So I know how everyone complains “Waaaaaaaaaah, every anime is lolipedo moeshit!”, “Waaaaaaaaaah, every anime is fanservice trash”, and so on. Those are exaggerations, of course. But dramas, on the other hand, really are all the same. Check out the

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Zomg NaruSaku canon confirmed?

If you went to Uniqlo and bought a Naruto Tshirt (I was too lazy) you got some free DVD thing that showed spoilers for future content of the manga!

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Naruto Ch. 515

What is the best way to elongate an already endless manga? That’s right bring back every single dead character of Naruto to life using plot no Kabuto’s magic zombie Jutsu. Scenario: Shounen Jump, “So Kishimoto-sensei, you’re slated for another year

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what i was (not) forced to watch this week #13 & 14: akagi & kaiji

Let’s start with Akagi.

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Yosuga no Sora – 03

Uh wow I didn’t expect Haru to be making out with some chick in the 3rd episode! It was so random! :shock: Didn’t see it coming a mile away. But you know what that means. First one to kiss is

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