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Neon Genesis Soft-Gelion – 09

Why do I have a feeling this is gonna become a weekly thing now? :lol:

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Neon Genesis Soft-Gelion

Aaand Soft-Tennis does it again! The producers must be the same age as me or something :lol: I had difficulty gathering the original Eva footage for this though. Gave up trying to find a scene from the same perspective as

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The 30 year old virgin – 08

Evangelion Parodies must be the cool thing to do this season.

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Now I remembered why I’m still watching Soft Tennis

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what i was (not) forced to watch this week #20: project a-ko

It’s kind of hard to review Project A-Ko. I’m not sure what to say about how hell the show has held up over time, although I do have the advantage of not needing to worry about removing my rose-colored glasses,

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Yosuga no Sora – 04

So my friend has informed me Yosuga is gonna be split into arcs like Amagami which means characters aren’t gonna fight over Haru and kill each other. I am disappoint. :( P.S. The censoring was so lol. Actually I think

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Miracle Man Train – 10

Omg best nicknames ever! The episode parodied Japanese police dramas but I was never into those so I guess it wasn’t as amusing. The most amusing part was probably the fact that this wasn’t a car chase, but a runaway

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NEVAR FORGET the greatest fanfiction of all time: shino’s paachi

I found this on years ago. It was taken down from there years ago. I am now reposting it here for posterity so that it will never be lost again.

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