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the post i should’ve written 4 years ago about muv-luv alternative

Wow, a post about Muv-Luv. What is this, a tale of love and courage circa 2006? I have to admit that this post has been rattling around in my head for like, almost four years, but I really only felt

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Valkyria Chronicles – 24

Over 9000 jokes aside, bye bye Selveria. Actually I kinda feel sorry for her. She died for that faggot and all he can do is say “oh well I coulda used her some moar.” I feel sorry for the shota

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Hanasakeru Seishounen – 08

If the Mustafa obsession wasn’t bad enough, now Kajika thinks that the guy who tried to kill Rumati looks like her long lost Doberman :lol: I mean this guy doesn’t seem to mind, but if someone told me “you look

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Hanasakeru Seishounen – 04

So the Eugene arc finally ends this week. They went deep into his past and how his mother committed suicide before she turned 20 and Eugene planned to do the same. But according to Kajika he was “waiting for somebody

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Clannad After Story 19

The part with Tomoya visiting his father was the most depressing one of the episode. Once again I cried, just like I did in the game. It’s great to see him finally going home to live with his mother and

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Clannad After Story 18

Warning, watching this episode may cause red puffy eyes and a bucket full of tear soaked tissues. :cry:

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And so Takumi finally pulls out his di-sword! And you know why? Because of his raburabu for Rimi ;)

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what i was forced to watch this week #4: key the metal idol

Key the Metal Idol is almost exactly the sort of anime that I think of when I think of those early 90s OVAs that I considered anime to be exclusively made up of and therefore suck. I say “almost” because

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