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japanese porno cartoon video game review: katawa shoujo

Hmm, how to put this… after about 20 minutes so far, i have to say that liked katawa shoujo better when it was called deus ex human revolution — parody image of che (@jpmeyer) January 27, 2012 Nah, that’s not

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hoisted from the archives: the complete minaide! hazukashii… coverage of dragonaut

(In “celebration” of the premiere of Symphogear, whose first episode was one of the most terribad anime that I’ve seen since Dragonaut, I’m republishing my posts from my old blog so that everyone can remember just how unbelievably bad Dragonaut

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Naruto Ch. 504

Aw man, the Naruto past arc finally ends here how sad. I really liked the past with Kushina and Minato. Man all the best characters in the manga die and all the stupid ones survive *coughSaucegay* :roll:

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What’s with the smut hate gaiz?

Both Onemanga and Mangafox have taken down all their “adult” manga (because Google was bawwwing about it). Adult doesn’t always mean money shot screwing scenes but I guess any manga where we may see a nipple or implied sekkusu it’s

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Naruto Ch. 483

SasuSaku? I think not :lol:

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what i was forced to watch this week #59: sonic x

For an anime named “Sonic X”, you would assume that it would be about Sonic the Hedgehog. You have assumed poorly. Not in the sense that “Sonic X” could also be say, the name of a D-grade sci-fi OVA from

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what i was forced to watch this week #48: da capo

I was forced to watch Da Capo 2 and Da Capo 2 2: The Search for Curly’s Gold two years when they aired. I couldn’t keep a straight face during them because of how insanely cliched they were. They crossed

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Inuyasha the Neverending Story – 02

Omg (´;ω;`)! I had no idea Kagura would die so early on. I almost cried (´;ω;`). I totally shipped Kagura and Sesshomaru. (Rin is too much of a loli and she’s a human so it would never work out except

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