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Obvious announcement is obvious.

I think it goes without saying that I will no longer be updating this blog but I figured I’d make it official. Although I still watch anime (just finished episode 8 of Tokyo Ravens in fact) there’s really 0 motivation

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State of things

Since our blog’s rolling in tumbleweeds I figured I’d announce that I’ve started a new visual novel project. This time it will be an otome game, so the MC will be a girl pursuing guys. Feel free to follow along

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Anime blogging in tweet form?

I was just thinking about wordpress’ new tweet insert feature so I went back to my timeline and plucked out a few tweets since I guess I still do post blurbs on anime I watch in tweet form.

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And so 2 years quietly rolls by…

And so quietly our 2 years anniversary is today even though if our domain hadn’t died it would have been 4 years for me and like 5 for JP. Honestly I don’t really expect much activity in this blog in

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Moteki is pretty awesome.

I’m glad I stuck to watching Moteki. I’m a little behind on some of my other dramas but Moteki pretty much got me hooked. From kimoi mangakas to stupid girls to Ukio getting kicked around like an idiot, it was

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I’m not dead; maybe getting there.

For the past 2 months my work place has been hell. I hate working for a Japanese company (the bullshit and racism level is over 9000) and I’m actively seeking new employment at this point. Due to that I’ve had

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary~

So as of today, Minaide Hitorigoto turns 1 year old. Obviously if we go back to when JP and I first began blogging we’d already be headed for our 4th blogging anniversaries but this is the one year since our

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Otome Games

Are making a comeback elsewhere. Eroges/Renai games will be coming back eventually too. I want to keep this blog for anime/manga/jp’s tldr related things only. (・∀・)

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