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Otome Game to Anime Adaptations are Crap.

*clears tumbleweeds off blog* Hello! It’s been a while :lol: I’ve been watching a few animes this spring but for the most part I’ve been busy plowing through my otome game backlog and my focus hasn’t really been on this

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Nobody cares about videogame rape if men are involved.

So few years ago JP wrote an article about the hubbub over Rapelay. It was some stupid eroge where the player rapes women but then gets hit by a train or stabbed to death in return (so not like justice

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Kimi to Boku is Gender-Reversed Moeblob Anime

You know I was kinda pumped because finally we were getting a show about BOYS doing BOY things. Oh wait. This isn’t it. This is boys doing GIRL things. I always hated those stupid shows like Lucky Star and K-On

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RIP New York Anime Festival.

Yes I am bitter than my otome game panel got rejected from new york anime festival for the 2nd year in a row. So now I’m gonna use my dead ANIME blog to rant about it! \( ^o^)/ I went

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Generation Search

So I went to this website a twitter friend posted and put my age in…

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February Digest

Not sure what else to call it but since our blog’s been kinda dead this month I figured I’d post some random blurbs. Yumekui Merry & Infinite Stratos – No idea why I’m still watching these 2. In IS all

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Why the fuck do these stupid weeaboos at Kinokuniya feel the need to yell like fucking idiots every time they’re in the store? When I walk into Kinokuniya I go directly to what section I’m going to browse and I

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wtfffffff bakuman

Aw c’mon, how can they not have gotten the permission to use the official names from “Yuueisha”? The actual references are one of the main ways that the manga describes the characters’ motivations and plans!

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