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So JP and I are always rolling our eyes whenever we see some light novel title posted and just for kicks & giggles I decided to go on Amazon Japan and search for the following keywords: Boku no, Oniichan and

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Nobody cares about videogame rape if men are involved.

So few years ago JP wrote an article about the hubbub over Rapelay. It was some stupid eroge where the player rapes women but then gets hit by a train or stabbed to death in return (so not like justice

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RIP Kawakami Tomoko

Woke up to some shocked news this morning. One of my favorite female VAs has passed away at the young age of 41 due to ovarian cancer. My favorite Kawakami-san roles were Rosette from Chrno Crusade, Noelle from Tenshi ni

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Android App Update.

Well since Onemanga is gone, the Manga Reader app is pretty craptastic. I’ve stumbled upon a couple other useful otaku apps I’m going to share today.

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What I watched because my motherboard blew up: Kill Bill Vol. 1

As I mentioned in my last post, my motherboard fried (eat a cock Dell) so I’ve ordered parts to build my own computer. Until then though, I’ve spent a lot of time doing something I haven’t done in months: Watch

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2004 Karaoke UGA commercial

My computer blew up so I’ve been doing some backing up and stuff and I found some old files on my external drive. Some of them included CDTV from 2004 which had my favorite Karaoke UGA commercial… :lol: Enjoy! Translation

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Android Otaku Apps

Okay so I don’t really know wtf to call apps targeted towards anime/manga/Japanese culture fans other than otaku but let’s just roll with it :lol:

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And you thought English dubs were bad….

Oh how the tables have turned! Somehow “And they slapped his face on every vase” has turned into “I want him all to myself” and “on every VAA~S” has turned into “NO! HE’S EVERYONE’S!” :lol: JP and I spent the

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