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Summer drama season impressions

I marathoned a bunch of new dramas last night and… Ouran High School Host Club – A lot better than I thought. I really like the actors for Tamaki & Kyouya, just as the actors themselves. I don’t think they’re

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HanaKimi remake is just AKB48 fodder.

I mean when you make a remake of something, isn’t it supposed to be BETTER? Why then is every guy in the remake so fucking ugly? Not only that, but they even reuse the same freaking BGMs as the first

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Summer 2011 Drama Season Preview!

Apparently it’s the season of anime to drama adaptations.

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Rebound – 01

So it’s been a while since I watched any J-dramas but I decided to check out Rebound. Just as the graphic was funny, the show was great as well. It’s a story about a girl named Nobuko who was fat

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the spring 2011 drama “preview”

Here’s the “breakdown” of the 24 various and manifold dramas that will be airing this Spring:

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if you think anime are repetitive, you’ve never seen a drama

So I know how everyone complains “Waaaaaaaaaah, every anime is lolipedo moeshit!”, “Waaaaaaaaaah, every anime is fanservice trash”, and so on. Those are exaggerations, of course. But dramas, on the other hand, really are all the same. Check out the

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Dr. DoLittle – 01

Umm yea so apparently Japan decided to make Dr. DoLittle into a Japanese drama. Unfortunately unlike the original movie, the drama is all srs bzness and our Dr. DoLittle is a hard ass guy whose done some hard livin’ in

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Q10 – 01

Get ready because the fall drama season is coming right at ya’! Q10 (Kyuto) is basically the drama version of chobits minus all the random pr0n, minus the moe + a bunch of fugly noob actors. In otherwords, its like

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