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“Google Reader” Romantica.

So I ran into a tight spot with manga studio. I don’t know why but suddenly when I try to draw strokes they fly all over the screen. I’m sure this is yet another Vista pen tablet issue (MS3 had

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“Blogger Panel”

I swear I’m not beating a dead horse!! :lol: Anyway this is actually a bootleg announcement that yes, Pangya MMO game panel is ON at this year’s NYAF in September. ;-) It’s just going to be JP & I though,

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“The Evolution of the Weeaboo.”

Inspired by various friends who have told me all stories about teaching and living in Japan. In other news, Manga Studio is pretty awesome, I missed using it. This is the typical format that B&W comics would follow. What does

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“Enemy of all Otaku.”

I’m a lot more inspired to do meta jokes than jokes about an episode of an anime, so yea probably no more anime related comics but rather things like this. :lol: I’m going to try to do comics in Manga

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Naruto Shippuuden Movie 5: BONDS

The only thing that bonded in this movie was the combination of DBZ, Strike Witches and dirty old men. I could have made so many stupid comics about this movie, but I’m trying to keep it at one per item

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