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otakon 2012 postmortem, or; on white korras

Well, Otakon/Weebfest/Animelosercon/Homestuckcon/Adventuretimecon/Avengerscon/Anythingbutanimecon 2012 is over and I am home. Or rather, the con was over for me on Saturday afternoon when I came down with con flu and spent the rest of the weekend vomitting profusely and passed out in

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the most important part of your otakon preparation

…is to peruse the personals on the Baltimore section of craigslist. otakon – m4w – 22 hey im lookigforsome fun doing otakon would love to hook up with a cute girl im young in shape black well groomed have 8

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Arcana Famiglia RELATION chart

I don’t mean relationship I mean relation. :lol: Didn’t know where else to throw this except this blog so here goes! Remember clicking on the image will possibly be spoilers so click at your own risk: Anyone not on this

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Just as expected, my Light Novel list wasn’t wrong after all.

 Terrible title intended. So remember how back in February I made this light novel post which recently made 4chan get their panties in a bunch. They said I’m fulla shit and that I’m just picking on a certain category of

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muv-luv total eclipse ep 01, or the insanity of adaptation

(No, not that kind of insanity.) highly amused by how the ANN summer animethread is one half people pretending to know about muv-luv and one half grognards.txt about muv-luv — parody image of che (@jpmeyer) July 2, 2012 @R042 @quattro_maeda

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Arcana Famiglia Pre-Season Spoilers

Yes I am going to blatantly spoil the anime for you because I played the game so if you click read more you’re doing so at your own risk \( ^o^)/

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