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Summer drama season impressions

I marathoned a bunch of new dramas last night and… Ouran High School Host Club – A lot better than I thought. I really like the actors for Tamaki & Kyouya, just as the actors themselves. I don’t think they’re

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HanaKimi remake is just AKB48 fodder.

I mean when you make a remake of something, isn’t it supposed to be BETTER? Why then is every guy in the remake so fucking ugly? Not only that, but they even reuse the same freaking BGMs as the first

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マジキチ, er I mean まよチキ is my guilty pleasure this summer ^q^

I think I’m just biased towards Hino Satoshi…everything else about the show is template guy gets dominated by violent & ドS chicks, he nosebleeds when touched by girl, and his younger sister does pro-wrestling moves on him every morning…and he

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Mawaru Penguindrum is bizarre but awesome.

So this show prolly takes the season’s most epic title, but it may take this season’s most epic show??

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How to enjoy Uta no Prince Sama anime

Be a fan of the otome game, or otome games in general Be a fan of every single male seiyuu that’s in this show, who’s also in every otome game ever Be a fan of Wakamoto Norio voicing a crazy

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