what i was (not) forced to watch this week #18: gosenzosama banbanzai

So when I was talking about the kind of obtuseness that Oshii frequently finds himself turning into, you can label Gosenzosama Banbanzai as exhibit A. I’m not sure both what I was supposed to get from watching it, nor was I sure if I was supposed to get something from watching it.

That said, there is still a lot to be said of the anime as an experience. It’s one of the titles on the sakuga anime list, and for good measure. It’s got some pretty amazing animation in it. You can find numerous sakuga examples from it on Youtube. While I knew that it was on the list, I couldn’t really mentally imagine what sort of great animation would be in it. I figured well, this is a Mamoru Oshii anime, so it’s probably going to be full of characters sitting there trading random lines back and forth. How amazingly can someone animate a mouth moving?

But instead, the characters get really well, animated when they talk. They get up and walk around, they gesticulate wildly, and well, they actually communicate through body language. It’s about as far as you can get from today’s standard text dumps where minutes can go by and exactly two frames of animation were needed to be drawn for that extended period of time.

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Every once and a while, I'll write something about those Japanese porno Pokemans cartoons that are STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN but AREN'T KIDS' STUFF. Just not today.

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