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Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo – 07

So anyway this episode was lols. Yea I’m still watching this show. Last week’s ninja episode made me roll my eyes but I loved this week’s. The whole foreigner assimilation in Japan kills the entire “HAI MY NAME IS SAM”

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Manga Review: Akkan Baby

This is the first manga I ever read that had to do with teen pregnancy (who thought this genre existed??) but I can probably safely say it might be the last one lol. The 2 teenagers Yuki and Shigeru are

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I’m actually really obsessed with DRRR!! now lol

Yea to the point where I made this last night: NicoNico Link I’ve even started reading the novels (in japanese…go my kanji knowledge or something!) I finally built myself a new computer and things are running quite smoothly. So yea

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Ouran High School Host Club Ch. 81


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No cons for me this year I guess ┌┤´д`├┐

Just got an email from NYCC staff telling me they got so many panel submissions that my Vocaloid Panel was rejected. I don’t know if this is a mistake and they think that I had applied to the Comic Con

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What I watched because my motherboard blew up: Durarara!!

So at first when I picked up Durarara I had no idea wtf was going on, there were too many characters to keep up with and nothing made any sense. I was only watching it for the Ikebukuro nostalgia factor.

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Android App Update.

Well since Onemanga is gone, the Manga Reader app is pretty craptastic. I’ve stumbled upon a couple other useful otaku apps I’m going to share today.

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What I watched because my motherboard blew up: Kill Bill Vol. 1

As I mentioned in my last post, my motherboard fried (eat a cock Dell) so I’ve ordered parts to build my own computer. Until then though, I’ve spent a lot of time doing something I haven’t done in months: Watch

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