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Hanasakeru Seishounen – 34

Yeaaa it’s pretty much canon at this point :lol: Quinza tries to kill Kajika, Li Ren kills Quinza, Kajika realizes in that “life flashing before your eyes” moment that she only wants Li Ren. Also Carl’s sister threw an ashtray

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Miracle Man Train – 12

If you want your loli to grow up, just take her out on a date. :lol:

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Shokojo Seira – 10 (Finale)

Soo it was a happy ending but a few things still bug me. Anyway brief rundown of events:

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Ohitorisama – 10 (Finale)

Well at least we got a happy ending for these two, although I’m still not convinced of their “relationship”. No matter how I look at it, it’s like a shota and some milf or something. I could totally be convinced

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Old AMVs floating around youtube

So since JP just finished watching Kaleidostar and he found my old amv uploaded by some ignoramus (claiming they made it) I decided to see how many of my other videos were uploaded on YT as well. Turns out I

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what i was forced to watch this week #53: kaleido star

Hey guys, remember when Gonzo used to make good shows? Really, it’s true! Back around say, 2000-2003, you could reasonably expect that whatever Gonzo was coming out with that season would probably be eminently watchable. Samurai Girl Real Bout High

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