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Ohitorisama – 02

I’m finally caught up on all my dramas. In Shoukojo Seira everyone’s a fucking bitch as usual and in Samurai High school it’s more zero-to-hero action so I’m skipping those. I think the best ep. 2 had to be for

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what i was forced to watch this week #38: kamisama kazoku

The lead in Kamisama Kazoku is played by Daisuke Kishio. Dude is totally in every otome game ever. Suffice to say, this is a show about wholesome boys holding hands with demure maidens. And not just any demure maidens, of

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NyanKoi – 05

This episode had more Koi than Nyan but that’s alright  with me~

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Naruto Ch. 469

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Miracle Man Train – 04

This week we got some crazy fortune teller wacko who doesn’t want her business partner to, you know, actually expand their business. Oh Japan and your hate towards change :lol: In other news: Roppongi-kun can strip for me any time

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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Purity~ 04

Episode 4 was pretty awesome. One of the blog readers  recommended I watch it saying it’s a lot like the first season and they were right. Of course the extra addition of randomly randy shotas ripping clothes off some girls

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Shokojo Seira -A little princess- 01

So the intial perception I had of this drama turned out a little more different than I thought. Basically this is a lot like Cinderella but backwards. Instead of her becoming a princess, she becomes a poor servant girl. The

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Akikan OVA

Yes indeed it was just as terrible as expected! In that sense it did not disappoint :lol:

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