Pandora Hearts ends – a tumbleweed rolls by.

pandorafinaleI guess I don’t really blame anyone other than myself for watching this show. I really love this kind of art style and I studied it a lot when watching this anime. I was like “wow I really wanna draw perfectly proportionate bishies just like in this show!” But other than that, it was kinda crappy. Nothing got resolved, nothing made sense. It’s like they cut up a bunch of strands and left them loose all the way until the end. Ah well, I know the manga is still going. Maybe one day I’ll check it out. The anime was kind of a drag and I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone.

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8 comments on “Pandora Hearts ends – a tumbleweed rolls by.
  1. mefloraine says:

    I didn’t bother to finish the anime, but I haven’t minded the manga as of yet. I recommend that instead.

  2. Scheris says:

    Since I really didn’t have expectations for this to turn out as a good adaptation, I’m not so disappointed. Though I could’ve watch something else in the time I wasted watching it. = =;

  3. Caraniel says:

    Pretty much agree with you there. I like the asetheics of the series a lot, but the plot and character development was severely lacking. I’ve decided to give the manga a go instead.

  4. gil says:

    The manga is much better. Glen is most likely Gilbert or Eliot.

  5. OnyxSyaoran says:

    I got to see エリオット ナイトレイ!!!! so I’m happy with that, I didn’t expect a lot of a 25 episode adaptation, it wasn’t enough to explain everything, the manga is still confusing so~ it was nice as a standalone if U don’t have nothing to watch on a weekend to kill time xD

  6. kowai_yume says:

    Pandora Hearts, in my opinion, is much better as a manga, the anime did just come off as rather boring and pointless. While the manga is confusing, it is at least going somewhere, and it’s more like unraveling a mystery – whereas the anime just sort of… failed lol.

  7. dgkazune says:

    Speaking of tumbleweeds, it’s the fall season and the season of sequels. I just know you are going to blog one certain show. like… *cough*secretofwhatshernameagainthatialways-failtoremember*cough*

    I want a pitaten remake… T_T
    Where shia breaks everyone’s hearts… including Klaus Rosenberg’s.

  8. Di Gi Kazune says:

    /me whacks wordpress logins

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