NYAF 2009 Day 1 – AMV Contest Adventures

nyaf01Actually it wasn’t much of a day but rather a night. I only came to the con around 7:30 to catch the amv contest since I mentioned that my video made it into the contest. I missed most of the drama romance category but during the “brief replay” it looked like I missed a really good Nana amv. The action category was strobe effects that gave me seizures until there was that one video about some racing anime that looked like it came out of 1985. It was fucking awesome and got my vote. In the upbeat category everyone was squeeling at the ouran twins (enough already?) and the sailormoon crap in the magical girl amv. I voted for the magical girl amv because they had Trappiness and Nanatsuiro Drops xD Then in my category it was pretty…random. I actually think I had a chance until I got completely upstaged by that hilarious Mahoromatic amv. I woulda voted for it, but I decided to give my video a pity vote. I didn’t expect anyone to get the NicoNico meme to be honest and despite what Ntreev thinks, almost nobody plays PangyaBRNorth America.

Here’s the kicker of the night though. When we got to the con at 7:30 it looked like all the registration had closed. So that means anyone coming to the con now can not get into the con because they have no badge, but they cannot check in either because no one’s checking people in. I was about to like throw a shitstorm until I saw the god that is Peter Tatara. I’ve seen him so many times at all sorts of cons  in the last 2 years that I knew it was him a mile away! We ran after him and were like “PETER SAVE US WE CANNOT GET IN.” So he’s like hey it’s cool man and handed us our speaker badges. Uhh…so I guess tomorrow morning we’ll “check in” anyway just in case they need to check off somewhere that we’re actually there for our panel. Anyway, thank you Peter, because of you I was actually able to see the AMV contest. You rock.ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ

Met up with some anime bloggers and old fansub friends but had to run home because it’s double pang night on Pangya. YEAAA PANGYAA okay now JP’s turn to babble:

JP: Alright, to start: “some racing anime” is Cyber Formula set to Danger Zone.

Now with that out of the way, the rest of the videos. The magical girl one was pretty great. Part of the reason that it was fun was seeing just how frequently the same cliches get used over and over again, with most of the costumes or transformations being more or less the same. The other reason it was fun was cheering for the shows that nobody cares about. Everyone cheered for Sailor Moon. A lot of people cheered for Cardcaptor Sakura. I had to be the lone voice going “Wooo? Princess Tutu?” and “Wooo? Fresh Pretty Cure?” and of course, “WOOOOOOOOOOOO! NANOHA!”, although I got smacked before I could say “It’s OK if I’m the devil…” Then the Mahoromatic one came up and well, it won because it was SCANDALOUS. You see, you just aren’t allowed to make jokes about S-E-X—but they did!

The AMV contest ended right before 9pm. I wanted to see Cencoroll at 9, but since Pangya is the most important thing in life, I was not allowed to watch it. That would take up 30 minutes that could’ve been spent grinding away in order to earn virtual money to use to purchase virtual outfits which do the same thing as the virtual outfit my character already wears

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9 comments on “NYAF 2009 Day 1 – AMV Contest Adventures
  1. moyism says:

    you miss the restart of cencoroll like twice JP. first time they showed it, no subtitles. Second time, subtitles but no sounds…

    … eventually they got it all worked out and overall wasn’t too bad. wah will probably have something up in a few days with a podcast with some of the anibloggers’ thoughts me thinks.

  2. micchan says:

    *throwing a tantrum because she wants to see Hinano’s AMV*

    Also pangya IS the most important thing in life, because it has pretty clothes. I used to play RO, and flunked half my classes because of it, so I know!

  3. micchan says:


    I dunno, this made me laugh. Crazy laughter roll!

    *doing the crazy laughter roll*

    ANYWAY, I dunno what beat yours, but it had to be good. I liked it, and I don’t like pangya at all.

  4. Eirias says:


    Watch Bakemonogatari 12. You’ll like it.

  5. micchan says:


    How could you just send me off watchinng an anime THAT FUCKING KILLS ITS’ MAIN GUY IN THE END?!?!
    It’s like Miene Liebe [or whatever you spell it] all over again! It’s like WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THE ANIME?!?! You get all excited about the show and then the main char dies, like “haha got you!” from the producers. You can never watch it again because now you’ll be depresses, and forever and ever thinking about that anime will make you bummed. NOT SOMETHING YOU RECOMMEND!
    Geez. You could said *something*.

  6. Seinime says:

    Hmm, speaker…nice. Where’s your amv? Pangya/Ro was cool. One day I shall be there…one day…

  7. Hinano says:

    LOOOL uh well I could have but then it would have spoiled it! BEsides Lulu’s not dead. He’s the guy on the horse cart. :lol:

    Erias> is it because it has hand holding? xD

  8. micchan says:

    Err, no. Lulu = dead. Like disco dead. If he lived the whole Suzaku piercing him (I really wanted to say that. “Leoulch got divided by zero” and “STAIRS! My one weakness!” is next on the list) thing in the end (which was really anti climatic for me since I already knew what was going on- silly of me to lurk around CG forums before watching the final episode, but I was too scared to watch it, I needed to prepare myself) will be meaningless. Whats so grand about self-sacrifice that does not requite, ya know, actual sacrifice? (uncalled for and stupidly machoistic as that sacrifice was. He COULD just be a good king, but nooo, he had to clear Euphie’s name and crap.)

    That being said, I shall pretend he IS alive and wandering around with CC, finally finishing what they were going to say before VERY annoyingly being interrupted in ep 23 (I think?) if you catch my drift.

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