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legend of the galactic heroes: why reinhard is wrong

So in a bit of foppery and whim this weekend, I had ended up reading a crapload of paleoconservative political theory. Now, I’m a bit rusty with my German history as it’s been like 7 years since I studied Europe

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Futatsu no Spica 3-5

So far the series has been pretty good. A lot of stuff happened because apparently this show is gonna only be 7 episodes so the plot is moving quickly. Shinnosuke was gonna quit the space academy because he realized Asumi

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Ouran High School Host Club Ch. 72

Ladies, get your fangirl engines ready: XDDDDDDDDD I don’t care if it’s accidental. THERE OTP, if you’re still in denial go QQ some moar. :twisted: TamaHaru Banzai!!!  Oops almost forgot, big thanks for the raw to FROP!

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Pandora Hearts 15-16

Pandora Hearts is cool but I can’t help to think that it’s just one big bowl of fodder. Fodder for yaoi fangirls, fodder for me (see above image) and fodder for those who like to see action and violence. Otherwise

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Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 16

I finally caught up on this series. I’ve been like weeks and weeks behind because let’s face it, I read the manga, I kinda know what happens. It’s great seeing the plot move before your eyes knowing that it’s actually

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Valkyria Chronicles – 16

God DAMN the sexual tension in this army is through the roof.

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what i was forced to watch this week #21: the other nuku nuku series

I watched the original Nuku Nuku OVA years ago (on VHS, no less!) That one was a quick bit of slapstick fun. The second OVA (Nuku Nuku Dash) and the TV series? Not so much. Each has their own separate

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Hanasakeru Seishounen 10-14

So I marathoned to catch up to Hanasakeru Oil & Wealth. For those who haven’t been watching this show in hopes that I’d write something about it, I will tell you what you missed. There was Eugene speaking Engrish all

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