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Hatsukoi Limited – 12 (Finale)

Eh the anime ended pretty much like the manga did because it got cancelled. It would be nice if JC Staff made a (decent) sequel to this using original material to tie all the story arcs together though. I am

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Pixiv artists make a tribute to Michael Jackson

Before there was animu jpop music for me, there was Michael Jackson. I still to this day listen to his music and well I really don’t care about all the bad PR he got over the years. All the stupid

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Atashinchi no Danshi – 11 (Finale)

And so this drama comes to an end. Tokita realized what a dick he was so he left the treasure and the Trickheart Castle alone. In addition Fuu became the company president (although he later relinquished that position cause he

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Tayutama – 12 (Finale)

Ok you know what I’m gonna stop pretending, this show sucks. The cute Maro-Maro effect pretty much wore off the moment Ameri got all jealous and demonic and then it was downhill from there. Her tantrum in episode 11 pissed

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what i was forced to watch this week #16: cowboy bebop

Yes, it actually took me this long to get around to watching Cowboy Bebop. Or should I say, to completing it. I had watched a couple episodes maybe five years ago and stopped there since it wasn’t too interesting to

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Valkyria Chronicles 9-11

So I almost dropped the entire series because episode 9 was so fucking stupid but then I watched episode 10: I don’t know if this is a filler and it could be a filler for all I care but whatever

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Requiem for Phantom – 12

So I got like really upset that Ein died and decided to backlog Phantom. But then I kinda wanted to see pimp Reiji and geezus what a pimp he’s turned into. His new haircut makes him kinda hot too :twisted:

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Pandora Hearts 8-12

Shota shota shota shota shota shota shota shota. No matter how seriously I try to take this show, you’ll have scenes of “older boys” grabbing chins of “younger boys” and then its like LOL YARANAIKA LOL. Then you got all

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