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Brief thoughts on Japan Day NYC 2009

JP and I decided to stop by Japan Day again this year. When I say “stop by” I really mean it as we didn’t spend more than an hour there this year.

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Requiem for Phantom – 09

Damnit just when I thought  that Ein was gonna like change and get emotions and like hang out with Reiji (even after he named her Ellen), fucking pedobear jiji finds her and probaly raeps her and makes her his robot

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Naruto Ch. 449 – Pipirupirupirupipirupi!

So first Dokuro-chan Pain kills everyone then magically he revives everyone back!! Also lol guess who’s back xD I was kinda sad with Nagato dying or whatevers and Konan giving Naruto flowers was kinda nice. It was kinda lame though

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Higashi no Eden – 08

It looks like the clues and pieces of Akira’s past are slowly starting to surface. He meets one of the hikki’s who he piled up together years before to help him fix his broken cell phone.  In the meantime Oosugi

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Valkyria Chronicles – 08

You have no idea how annoying is watching this show just for a scene like this, having to go through senseless battles and hearing Lelouch Lamperouge make cameos every week with Miss Big Tits. The fact that they got Fukuyama

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Hanasakeru Seishounen – 08

If the Mustafa obsession wasn’t bad enough, now Kajika thinks that the guy who tried to kill Rumati looks like her long lost Doberman :lol: I mean this guy doesn’t seem to mind, but if someone told me “you look

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Requiem for Phantom – 08

This may come as a surprise to everyone, but in fact Phantom is actually my 2nd favorite show this season after Higashi no Eden. No really! I mean I said there would be romance in this show and what do

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#8: Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody

You know what, Haruhi is back but for me the hype sorta died 2 years ago. All those rumors and posters and images of season 2 all those hopes, yea pretty much crushed. In addition by now I think everyone

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