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Blog Vacation!

By the time this posts, JP and I will be getting hitched! (ノ∀`*)  So with this our blog is taking a break until probably April 7th or 8th. When we come back there’s some catching up to do on shows

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Akikan – 12 (Finale)

So I half assedly watched Akikan today. It was the last episode. It was just as retarded as I expected. The Mix Juice girl was named “Miku” and her “owner” happened to be the cat that always sits on top

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on facepalming and headdesking at sakuracon

So since I’m a cultureless white devil, I wasn’t offended by the Sakuracon commercial like Chicks on Anime were. That said, I do think that all of their reasons for feeling offended were pretty valid. Instead, I just facepalmed and

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Tales of the Abyss – 26 (Finale)

You know what Tear, I “like” a lot of things too. I like it when I unlock a new outfit on Pangya Wii. I like to eat Cherry Pie with tea while watching Tales of the Abyss. But you know

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Naruto Ch. 441

Heh I figured there’d be a mention of Hinata when she was on the cover of this week’s chapter :lol:

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Asu no Yoichi – 12 (Finale)

Asu no Yoichi had a pretty anticlimatic ending for a generic harem anime. I mean you’d think he might end up with the “girl that he first laid eyes on” or something, plus all those hints of him and Ibuki

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Special A Manga ends.

I covered this more on my old blog but since the manga finally ended with 99 chapters I figured I’d add some concluding thoughts. Honestly, Special A felt like it should have ended 30 chapters ago. I had gotten tired

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Soul Eater – 50

I always love random romantic nudidity scenes :lol:

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